Lily Allen Fun Facts, Quotes and Tweets

31st October 2016

Tweet: "Just tried to get in a black (taxi) cab with my kids. The driver looked at me and said, 'find an immigrant to drive you you stupid tart'." Lily Allen is still facing backlash following remarks she made about the refugee crisis. The singer sparked drama when she apologised on behalf of Britain for putting a 13-year-old Afghan boy stranded at a refugee camp in Calais, France through hell.

13th July 2016

Fact: Lily Allen is celebrating a decade in the music industry. Wednesday (13Jul16) marks 10 years since her debut album Alright, Still hit shelves, and propelled her to superstardom. London-born Lily took to her social media pages to celebrate the occasion, and let fans know new music is “cooking”. Her last album, 2014’s Sheezus, went to number one in the U.K. charts and reached number 12 in America.

6th October 2015

Fact: Lily Allen is hoping to repeat her 2013 U.K. Christmas chart success by recording another two songs written by Keane star Tim Rice-Oxley for the new Pan soundtrack. Allen's version of Somewhere Only We Know topped the charts in Britain two years ago and now the singer has reteamed with the Keane star to record Something's Not Right and Little Soldier for Hugh Jackman's new film about the origins of Peter Pan.

13th July 2015

Quote: "When I saw her, she was on it (partying hard). We were just catching up but she just went and did what she did. It's because she hadn't drunk for something like 10 months, so then she just did it all in one go and went hard. When I saw her she was having a good time, she was just getting started. I'm not surprised she passed out in a field. Who hasn't at Glastonbury? She's hardcore." Rapper Dizzee Rascal defends pop star Lily Allen after she collapsed in a field at Britain's Glastonbury Festival last month (Jun15).

15th January 2015

Tweet: "Wow, BRits NOm , what a nice surprise. Thank you powers that be." Singer Lily Allen is flattered to be shortlisted for British Female Solo Artist at the 2015 BRIT Awards.

20th November 2014

Tweet: "Great chat with Hrh Prince Charles and Hrh duchess of Cornwall at Clarence House. lovely evening, made me proud to be British." Singer Lily Allen enjoyed her royal rendezvous in London on Thursday evening (20Nov14).

7th November 2014

Quote: "My kids were just on tour with me... Seven weeks in America and they were on the tour bus with me. Woah! 27 hours from Atlanta to New York with two kids under three... Wicked!" Lily Allen on family life on the road with her two young daughters.

27th October 2014

Fact: British pop star Lily Allen has had a map of the world tattooed on her wrist. The inking joins several others on her right arm.

5th September 2014

Fact: Singer Charli XCX stepped in to replace fellow British pop star Lily Allen, who was scheduled to perform at the German Radio Awards in Hamburg, Germany on Thursday night (04Sep14). The Smile hitmaker fell ill and was forced to cancel her appearance. Also taking to the stage for the annual prizegiving celebrating Germany's radio presenters were Taylor Swift, Revolverheld, and German artists Jan Delay, Die Fantastischen Vier, Mark Forster and Andreas Bourani.

31st July 2014

Quote: "I've been on tour for about six months, and not only am I excited to be a part of Miley's tour, I'm also excited to only play for half an hour. I'm done by seven o'clock. I can go to dinner!" Lily Allen is looking forward to her upcoming support slot on Miley Cyrus' Bangerz tour in North America.

31st July 2014

Quote: "I'm not exaggerating when I say it's one of the best shows that I've seen in years. It's up there with an Oasis show or the Stone Roses or something. It's kind of incredible to watch - she's a real force. There's no two ways about it, she's meant to be up there doing that... I'm not close to Miley, I don't know her very well, but I feel proud of her." British singer Lily Allen is a big fan of her upcoming tourmate Miley Cyrus.

1st July 2014

Tweet: "i just watched my Glastonbury set back and I'm weeping, Thank You All So Much for coming and making it one of the best days of my life!!!!!" Lily Allen is thrilled by the fan response to her Glastonbury festival set on Friday (27Jun14).

24th June 2014

Tweet: "I'm being told the ticket sales for my show at Ibiza Rocks tomorrow have been underwhelming. I always feel that honesty is the best policy." Lily Allen confesses that tickets for her concert on Wednesday (25Jun14) on the Spanish island of Ibiza have not sold well.

2nd June 2014

Quote: "I'd turn for Beyonce. I think our kids would look really good together." Lily Allen jokes about becoming a lesbian for Beyonce.

25th May 2014

Tweet: "Just saw Harry Styles having hair extensions put in." Lily Allen exposes the One Direction heartthrob's pre-gig style preparations as she tweets her backstage adventures from Radio 1's Big Weekend festival.

9th May 2014

Quote: "What a wuss! Mind you, she can't help getting... food poisoning was it? No, I still partied." Veteran singer Cilla Black mocks Lily Allen for checking in to a hospital after a week of partying, insisting she was much tougher in her 1960s heyday.

7th May 2014

Tweet: "Can we just talk about Us immigration in Ny, when asked my profession i said 'musician' he said 'are you gonna be the next Ellie goulding'." Immigration officials at New York's airports aren't huge fans of British pop star Lily Allen.

7th May 2014

Tweet: "That was basically the best thing I've ever seen." Lily Allen has high praise for Miley Cyrus after attending the pop superstar's London show on Tuesday night (06May14). The gig marked Miley's comeback from a month-long health scare, which prompted her to scrap a string of gigs.

1st May 2014

Tweet: "I'm sick of explaining my lyrics to people, they're pop songs, no more, no less. If you don't get it or like it, look the other way. Simples... Right, I'm off twitter to enjoy my birthday weekend." Lily Allen hates it when fans and critics pour over her lyrics as she plans a hiatus from social media.

29th April 2014

Tweet: "Tube strike special! If you're stranded come join me at loft studios on scrubs lane for afterparty." Singer Lily Allen invites stranded Londoners to join her for a party on Monday night (28Apr14).

24th April 2014

Quote: "I don't need to worry, everything's fine. I know he's not angry, which is all I wanted to hear." Lily Allen has discovered Kanye West is not mad at her for naming her album Sheezus in homage to his album Yeezus.

17th April 2014

Quote: "That's very sweet, I've always been a very big fan of hers and I appreciate her standing up for artists and for me in particular, that's really admirable for her to do that. I think all artists should stand by one another. When it becomes a competition then we're not supporting creativity and art... I thought that was very sweet, so thank you Lily, you're lovely." Lady GaGa thanks Lily Allen for praising her latest album Artpop despite its poor performance.

11th April 2014

Quote: "I have tried to tone down my language. I would never use the 'C' word in front of my children. I wouldn't mind them swearing in my house, when they're older. The only thing I have with swearing is that I wouldn't want them to pick it up, say it in front of their friends and their parents, who then say, 'I don't want your kids hanging around with my kids'." British pop star Lily Allen fears her penchant for using foul language will rub off on her two daughters and affect their social lives as they grow older.

31st March 2014

Quote: "I think that all industries that can be taken advantage of by the Internet now, there is no time for irony, it is like 'What the f**k is going to sell?' That is it. And I bet you it is the biggest selling cover they have had in five years." Lily Allen is convinced Vogue magazine bosses were striving to improve sales by putting reality Tv star Kim Kardashian on the cover of the American edition with her fiance Kanye West.

18th March 2014

Tweet: "Jesus, I have just got off a plane and heard the sad news of L'wrens (sic) passing. What a terrible tragedy, I'm in shock. I saw her at the hairdressers only the other day." Lily Allen is left stunned by news of stylist and designer L'Wren Scott's death on Monday (17Mar14).

7th March 2014

Tweet: "I think smartphones should have a built in selfie post per week limit from now on. I'm guilty too, but really it's gotten out of hand." Lily Allen bemoans the rise of the cell phone selfie.

6th March 2014

Fact: British pop star Lily Allen avoided the traffic on the roads of London on Tuesday (04Mar14) and hopped on an Underground train as she made her way to Beyonce's concert at the O2 Arena. The Smile hitmaker shared a photo of herself on the Jubilee line on her account and later posed for pictures with One Direction hunk Liam Payne, who was also in attendance at the gig.

1st March 2014

Quote: "I'm terrified - I thought he'd think it was a diss, but it's totally not a diss." Lily Allen is scared Kanye West will get angry at her for naming her album Sheezus in homage to his album Yeezus.

26th February 2014

Tweet: "I'm getting a lot of nasty messages in my feed about my children. Thank you for your concern, but I assure you they are fine... and are never far away, you just don't see them in pictures because I don't tote them around like accessories." British pop star Lily Allen insists her two daughters are never far away while she is travelling abroad promoting her new music.

23rd February 2014

Tweet: "It's an homage, not a p**s take. Sheezus." British pop star Lily Allen defends her decision to name her new album Sheezus after Kanye West's 2013 release, Yeezus.

17th February 2014

Fact: Pop star Lily Allen has been transformed into a series of classic 1980s arcade game characters for a new promo. The video for her latest track, L8 Cmmr, which was unveiled online on Monday (17Feb14), features a likeness of the singer in road racing, shoot-em-ups, and Mario-style platform games.

15th January 2014

Quote: "The sheer amount of blogs that were written on it surprised me. I'm not from the school of 'any publicity is good publicity' but I think most people could see that song wasn't coming from a nasty place. I wasn't even really trying to make a point, I was just trying to say what I thought about something." Lily Allen insists her controversial comeback single Hard Out Here was not intended to offend.

3rd January 2014

Quote: "I keep suggesting names when I'm drunk with my friends, stuff that we think is funny... Brilly Alent. And Illuminaughty. I don't think that one will make the cut either." Singer Lily Allen is struggling to settle on a title for her upcoming third album.

10th December 2013

Tweet: "I bought a Fendi scarf this weekend in Venice. I lost it today in Zurich, if anyone sees a long cream wooly scarf, ummm let me know I guess." Lily Allen doesn't expect to see the latest addition to her winter wardrobe again.

6th December 2013

Tweet: "My husband is amazing I'm in a car thinking I was off to record a TOTP Xmas special but now I'm at an airport going away. Love. Surprises." British pop star Lily Allen is heading off on a surprise vacation after her husband Sam Cooper fooled her into thinking she was heading for a U.K. music Tv show.

4th December 2013

Fact: A Spotify advert referencing Lily Allen's new song F**k You has been banned by the U.K.'s Advertising Standards Authority (Asa). The song title was included in a promotional email sent to users of the music streaming platform.

2nd December 2013

Quote: "She's cool but, to be honest, I wasn't sure how it was going to work out on that song... But then when she sang it, she opened her voice and that first note came out. It was like, 'Oh, wow, this is brilliant.'" Robbie Williams was impressed with fellow British pop star Lily Allen when they teamed up for a duet on his new album.

1st December 2013

Tweet: "Why is everyone talking about me being on X Factor next year, no way jose." Lily Allen dismisses reports she is in the running to become a judge on the U.K. talent show.

26th November 2013

Tweet: "I'm feeling very surprised/happy/humbled to be #1 and #9 this week. Thank you all , I love you very much." Lily Allen cements her comeback with two songs in Britain's top 10.

20th November 2013

Quote: "I can't listen to the song, I've got to be honest. It's quite shrill." Pop star Lily Allen confesses she can't stand hearing her cover of Keane's Somewhere Only We Know, which features in Christmas Tv advertisements for leading British retailer John Lewis.

19th November 2013

Tweet: "Not even joking 1direction (sic) are on my flight... First class too the little s**ts (only joking)." British pop star Lily Allen was surprised to find herself on the same flight as boyband One Direction as she left a London airport on Tuesday (19Nov13). She posted a picture of the singers waiting in line to board the jet.

19th November 2013

Quote: "There are certain lyrics in it that I take offence to... The song is quite good. But there are certain elements I don't like." British pop star Lily Allen isn't a fan of Robin Thicke's racy single Blurred Lines.

15th November 2013

Fact: Lily Allen took her pop career to new heights on Thursday night (14Nov13) when she performed her new single Hard Out Here on the London Eye tourist attraction. She was joined by Dj/producer Mark Ronson for the sky-high Red Bull Revolutions In Sound gig.

13th November 2013

Tweet: "Amazing day, and apparently Number 1 on iTunes. Thank You. I'll sleep well tonight for the first time in weeks." Lily Allen is thrilled with the success of her comeback single Hard Out Here, which she launched on Tuesday (12Nov13) with a very provocative video.

9th October 2013

Tweet: "Either Wikipedia is telling porkies, or someone has been seriously dipping into my accounts." Lily Allen is upset after spotting news of her concert revenues posted on

1st October 2013

Tweet: "Does anyone know how to photoshop? I want to stick my face on the bangerz album artwork. Is it easy?" Lily Allen wants to have fun with the cover art on Miley Cyrus' new release.

25th September 2013

Tweet: "I just love her and anything that is remotely related to her. And if I could just be her then... Everything would be ok." Lily Allen is a big fan of Miley Cyrus.

24th September 2013

Tweet: "Gross Alert !!!! I stubbed my little toe and my Whole nail has come off". Singer Lily Allen suffers a nasty toe injury.

23rd September 2013

Quote: "It's hard. I'm constantly trying to get the balance right. I always just want to get home to put my little girls to bed. It doesn't always happen but I'm very blessed to be able to do what I do." Pop star Lily Allen is struggling to juggle her career comeback with looking after daughters Ethel, 22 months, and Marnie, eight months.

19th September 2013

Tweet: "gig tomorrow on lake como just @chillygonzales a piano and me. and @iamMarkRonson for afters... And I have a chest infection! Yay!" Lily Allen is battling poor health as she prepares for an intimate gig with producer/DJ Mark Ronson in Italy on Thursday (19Sep13).

5th September 2013

Tweet: "Anyone out there wanna be my choreographer ? I don't even know where to start looking. But I wanna learn some moves." Lily Allen asks her Twitter followers to help her find a dance teacher as she plots her pop comeback.

3rd September 2013

Tweet: "low flying helicopter keeps flashing searchlight in my garden. scared... what are they looking for... maybe its you @ladygaga, are we going to Nobu?" Singer Lily Allen is concerned about a Monday night police hunt over her home after inviting Lady Gaga to join her for sushi.

12th August 2013

Tweet: "Nothing like spilling curry all down your white tshirt (sic) just as you're about to get on a long haul flight. #welldoneme (sic)". British pop star Lily Allen suffers an embarrassing food/fashion disaster.

3rd July 2013

Tweet: "Well, traumatic tuesday is over, bring on weepy wednesday glastonbury fallout". Singer Lily Allen is feeling sorry for herself after having fun at Britain's legendary Glastonbury festival over the weekend (28-30Jun13).

1st July 2013

Fact: Pop punk Pink has turned her new video into a family affair after recruiting her husband Carey Hart and their baby daughter Willow to appear in True Love, the singer's collaboration with British star Lily Allen, aka Lily Rose Cooper.

30th June 2013

Quote: "When I was famous I'd be getting calls from people asking me if I wanted to go out with them that night and I always said yes. But on my way down here I thought, 'Do you know what, I didn't get one call.' I'm not famous. I love being a mum. It's great and not as hard work as I thought it might be." Pop star and mum-of-two Lily Allen, also known as Lily Rose Cooper, enjoyed Britain's Glastonbury festival with just a few close friends over the weekend (28-30Jun13).

26th June 2013

Tweet: "Looking forward to my post workout cigarette. Jesus, barrys boot camp ain't no joke. Glad I don't have to go back till after Glastonbury." Singer Lily Allen, also known as Lily Rose Cooper, is getting in shape at a tough fitness camp in London - but she's taking a break to attend the U.K.'s iconic Glastonbury festival this weekend (28-30Jun13).

2nd May 2013

Tweet: "If you are reading this and are thinking about sending me a birthday text, I dropped my phone in the bath so wont be able to read it." British singer Lily Allen suffered an unfortunate mishap on her 28th birthday on Thursday (02May13).

19th February 2013

Tweet: "Left house without me nipple pads and me t**s are leaking." New mum Lily Allen, aka Lily Rose Cooper, suffers a breastfeeding boob.

19th February 2013

Tweet: "Looking forward to 'flaunting my post pregnancy body' and 'showing off my curves' whilst 'pouring myself into a dress' tomorrow. Brit Awards." British singer and new mother Lily Allen is preparing for a big night out at the BRIT Awards in London on Wednesday (20Feb13).

28th January 2013

Quote: "(We were) thrilled to hear about our dear friend Lily Rose Cooper's new baby daughter, who was born in the same week as Elijah. We have shared in some of Lily's struggles during her pregnancies so it is wonderful news to hear of the safe arrival of Marnie." Sir Elton John is delighted his pop star pal, formerly known as Lily Allen, safely gave birth to her second daughter earlier this month (Jan13), just days before he became a dad for the second time. The Smile hitmaker has previously suffered two miscarriages.

20th December 2012

Tweet: "I hope it is the end of the world tomorrow, anything to not have to look at next months (sic) credit card bill. spendyspendy xmas Fear Guilt". Pregnant British singer Lily Allen, now known as Lily Rose Cooper, jokes about the Mayan doomsday on Friday (21Dec12) after splurging for Christmas.

11th December 2012

Tweet: "If I didn't care about the future mental state of my child, and if I thought it was ok to enter her into becoming public property, I would tweet you all the picture I just took of her in a full on all in one Elf suit. The cutest fricking thing!!!!" Singer and proud mum Lily Allen refrains from showing off her daughter Ethel dressed up for the holidays. The star, now known as Lily Rose Cooper, is expecting her second child with husband Sam Cooper.

5th November 2012

Quote: "I can't say it was my proudest moment, but I've probably seen him worse." British pop star Lily Allen wasn't impressed with her comedian father, Keith Allen, when he took Mdma during a televised medical experiment.

28th August 2012

Tweet: "I dropped my iPhone in the footbath thing while I was having a pedicure....... And it still works!" Lily Allen shares a blunder with followers on

22nd August 2012

Tweet: "I had a really weird dream about Lady Gaga last night." Singer Lily Allen has the Poker Face hitmaker on her mind.

2nd August 2012

Fact: Singer Lily Allen has changed her name - the Brit has started recording a new album under her married name Lily Rose Cooper. The Smile hitmaker, who is pregnant with her second child, wed Sam Cooper last year (11).

31st July 2012

Tweet: "Just got to Olympic park saw Ptince (Prince) Harry drive past in his car and he Waved at me." British singer Lily Allen gets a royal welcome as she makes her way to an event during the London 2012 Games.

26th July 2012

Tweet: "I'm f**king sick of not looking like Rhianna (sic)." Singer Lily Allen wishes she looked more like the R&B beauty.

18th July 2012

Tweet: "Aaargh, just wrapped my freshly washed hair up in a baby wee sodden towel." New mum Lily Allen has an accident at home.

15th July 2012

Tweet: "Aaah, nothing like a bit of bucket and mop action before bed on a summers evening." Singer Lily Allen struggles with a late-night flood.

10th July 2012

Tweet: "They're all sober. And Shaun is actually concentrating on his vocal. Very disappointing." Lily Allen isn't impressed with the reunited Happy Mondays during a performance on U.K. TV.

6th July 2012

Quote: "Cab drivers, don't call me babes or honey please. I might hit you." British singer Lily Allen is unimpressed with charming taxi drivers.

3rd July 2012

Tweet: "In other dinner related news there was a small snail in my chard freshly harvested from ones own garden, but I spotted it luckily." British singer Lily Allen finds an unwelcome stranger in her homegrown greens.

29th June 2012

Tweet: "Wow. Adeles preggers (sic)! Congratumalations (sic) to her and Simon !" British pop star Lily Allen congratulates pal Adele after learning the singer is expecting.

29th June 2012

Tweet: "Anyone from Gloucestershire needing a lift to heaton park tomorrow, I've just rented a 17 seater van. That's 12 spare seats." Pop star Lily Allen has hired a minibus to attend the Stone Roses' comeback concerts in Manchester, England this weekend (29Jun12-01Jul12) - and she wants fans to join her for the trip.

20th June 2012

Tweet: "Just saw the actual duchess of cambridge casually walking around tetbury. Wowsers." British pop star Lily Allen was left starstruck on Wednesday (20Jun12) after spotting Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge in the English countryside.

20th June 2012

Tweet: "Johnny Depp is single, and i'm married ? *calls divorce lawyer*... only joking I love my husband more than words can say." Singer Lily Allen jokes about dumping husband Sam Cooper for newly-single Depp.

4th June 2012

Tweet: "I'm having a terrible time of it. Slept funny on Friday and my whole back has now seized up. Can't move,very painful. Need sympathy... Got stuck in what can only be described as a sort of half bridge position trying to get out of bed. Feet on the ground not able to stand up." Singer Lily Allen is struggling with backache.

22nd May 2012

Tweet: "Omg, I am within 10 miles of the Olympic flame, the feeling is indescribable." Pop star Lily Allen is excited about being close to the Olympic torch, which is touring the U.K. ahead of the London 2012 games.

2nd May 2012

Tweet: "Not one present... And counting. And someone just asked me when my baby's due. Massive fail." British singer Lily Allen's 27th birthday got off to a bad start on Wednesday (02May12).

11th April 2012

Tweet: "There is an animal of some sort scurrying around in the house, im too scared to get out of bed and see what it is... bigger than a mouse." Lily Allen is freaked out by an unwelcome visitor.

3rd April 2012

Tweet: "I must have been eating knives and/or other sharp objects in my sleep, for my throat is killing me and I can not swallow. Scratchy throat, snotty nose, sneezy, and mouth ulcer... and now headache." British pop star Lily Allen is feeling under the weather.

9th March 2012

Quote: "Sick all over my t**s. Hmmmmm." Lily Allen on the downsides of having a baby.

8th March 2012

Tweet: "Was going to get a bikini wax today, then realised its international womens day. So I cancelled." Singer Lily Allen celebrates a hairy International Women's Day (08Mar12).

5th February 2012

Tweet: "Burst pipe means no bath, still." Lily Allen was left without hot water after temperatures plunged below freezing in Britain.

13th January 2012

Quote: "I miss her as an artist but it feels weird asking her." Professor Green has sent his semi-retired singing pal Lily Allen a track to work on.

10th January 2012

Tweet: "I feel sick. And I left the house without breast pads and started leaking all over myself at the #Wolsley .oh and I wiped out in the street earlier." New mum Lily Allen is not having a great Tuesday (10Jan12).

4th January 2012

Fact: British singer Lily Allen has reportedly named her baby daughter Ethel Mary Cooper. The Smile hitmaker and her husband Sam Cooper became parents in November (11).

5th December 2011

Tweet: "Thank you for all the flowers and lovely messages everybody. very touching indeed. nuff luv." Lily Allen returns to after becoming a first-time mum last month (Nov11).

8th November 2011

Tweet: "Water retention sucks Fyi. Today I will mainly be nesting like a mad woman." Expectant pop star Lily Allen on the problems of pregnancy.

1st November 2011

Tweet: "MrsLRCooper looks ridiculously cute with her baby bump... Aahhh.." British singer Cheryl Cole coos over a photo of pregnant Lily Allen. The two pop stars were embroiled in a public feud several years ago as they traded barbed insults in the U.K. tabloids.

31st October 2011

Fact: Pregnant Lily Allen showed off her bump to followers on on Saturday (29Oct11) alongside a pumpkin she had carved for Halloween. The Smile singer is due to give birth next month (Nov11).

19th October 2011

Tweet: "Husband on lads night out and nobody wants to go for dinner with me. #sadface" Pregnant British pop star Lily Allen is having a lonely night in.

30th September 2011

Tweet: "Some people can be so f**king earnest on Twitter, it makes me want to spew all over my laptop." Retired pop star Lily Allen thinks some celebrities take themselves far too seriously.

9th September 2011

Quote: "These times feel strangely apocalyptic. I feel a little guilty about bringing this little one into the world, actually. It definitely feels weird." Pregnant star Lily Allen is beginning to feel guilty about becoming a mum in 2011.

8th September 2011

Quote: "I do. It's between me and the husband. I haven't even told my mum. She thinks she knows what it is and whenever she calls me she refers to the baby as Betty." Pregnant singer Lily Allen refuses to divulge the sex of her baby - even to close family members.

25th August 2011

Tweet: "I feel like a penguin, not the chocolate covered biscuity kind, but an actual penguin that waddles. Now can't stop thinking about chocolatey penguins doh!" Pregnant Lily Allen has taken to waddling thanks to her extra weight.

22nd August 2011

Tweet: "I can't see my toes and I'm not bendy anymore." Lily Allen on the woes of pregnancy.

18th August 2011

Tweet: "Have been walking around with the back of my dress tucked into my pants/tights. Oh God. Nice lady on the makeup counter at Liberty informed me." Singer Lily Allen suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during a shopping trip in London on Wednesday (17Aug11).

16th August 2011

Tweet: "Today I play God, my dog currently has balls, but not for long. GoodbyeRonsballs." Singer Lily Allen jokes about neutering her pet dog.

10th August 2011

Tweet: "The fact that there are so many young disaffected/ opportunistic/ robbers amongst us, would suggest there's a big problem. People aren't born evil. Yes, these kids might be past the point of help, but we need to take responsibility for future generations." British singer Lily Allen voices her concerns about the cause of the U.K. riots.

4th August 2011

Tweet: "Slightly horrified that I might have to get rid of my sub woofer in my boot to make space for pram." Pregnant singer Lily Allen is coming to terms with having to accommodate a baby stroller in her car when she welcomes her first child later this year (11).

1st August 2011

Tweet: "3,000,000 followers, insane. You guys must be bored out of your skulls! Thanks all the same." Lily Allen is stunned she's gained so many fans on

20th July 2011

Tweet: "Wish I was going to @PortEliotFest this weekend. I was conceived there 27 years ago, though it was called the Elephant Fair in those days." Lily Allen can't make it to the Cornwall, England event.

6th July 2011

Tweet: "Aah the joys of pregnancy, just got papped vomiting on Bond Street." Mum-to-be Lily Allen caught throwing up in London.

6th July 2011

Tweet: "Oooh, it's proper raining in Gloucestershire today. Does not feel like July at all, but that's good cause I'm preggers (pregnant) and hating the heat." Pregnant pop star Lily Allen is pleased about the bad weather sweeping England.

5th July 2011

Tweet: "I never liked Allen, and it marks a new chapter of my life". Lily Allen explains her decision to change her last name to Cooper following her marriage to fiance Sam Cooper last month (Jun11).

28th June 2011

Tweet: "Walked the dogs and now making cookies... Tomorrow I am going to pick all our blackcurrants (before the birds have them all) and make jam and then ice cream." Lily Allen has become a domestic goddess after exchanging vows with husband Sam Cooper earlier this month (Jun11).

22nd June 2011

Tweet: "Really enjoying the Parisian papparazzis presence on my honeymoon. Thank god we didn't want to go for a romantic stroll as husband and wife." Lily Allen is annoyed with the unwanted guests on her French honeymoon with new husband Sam Cooper.

14th June 2011

Fact: Newlywed Lily Allen has changed her username on to her married moniker - she's now online as MrsLRCooper. The Smile singer wed Sam Cooper on Saturday (11Jun11).

13th June 2011

Tweet: "I had the most amazing wedding, thank you to everyone who went to such extraordinary efforts to make it that way." Lily Allen in her first tweet as MrsLRCooper (aka lilyrosecooper). The singer wed Sam Cooper on Saturday (11Jun11).

10th June 2011

Tweet: "Oh great, I have a massive spot on my nose. I lanced it with a safety pin... Was gross." Lily Allen is determined to remain acne-free for her wedding to Sam Cooper on Saturday (11Jun11).

30th May 2011

Quote: "I think they all thought that I was going to be a complete t**t, that there would be loads of cokeheads in their pub every weekend. They were definitely dubious when we arrived, but we've shown ourselves to be pillars of the community." Lily Allen has settled in to country life after quitting London for a home in rural south west England.

28th May 2011

Tweet: "Dog has been found. In the pub, not even joking. Green Man off the Essex Road, she had a different collar on." British singer Lily Allen is breathing a sigh of relief after her mother's missing dog was found safe and well in a London pub.

11th May 2011

Tweet: "She p**ses all over everyone. She really is a wonder." British pop star Lily Allen is a huge fan of singer Adele.

2nd May 2011

Tweet: "I know that Osama Bin Laden is dead, but if we could all stop for a minute to consider today's Real news I'd very much appreciate it... It is my birthday, I am 26." British pop star Lily Allen fears her big day has been overshadowed.

1st May 2011

Tweet: "Whoa royal wedding over, I thought the whole thing was amazing, loved the dress, want to be a princess now." Lily Allen was impressed by Britain's royal wedding on Friday (29Apr11).

27th April 2011

Tweet: "I just made a kicka** chocolate mousse cake, in preparation for my local baking competition." Lily Allen on her cooking skills.

26th April 2011

Tweet: "Oh my god, if I get one more tweet about not being invited to the royal wedding. It Was A Joke you humourless fools, now run along... Besides I wouldn't be able to go anyway, I have a previous engagement." Lily Allen insists she wasn't expecting an invite to Friday's (29Apr11) big day.

25th April 2011

Quote: "Mark Ronson (you) did get your invite right? In the Dail Fail (Daily Mail, British newspaper) it says I've snubbed you from my wedding list." Lily Allen reaches out to producer Mark Ronson on to clear up tabloid reports suggesting she snubbed him from her upcoming nuptials.

18th April 2011

Fact: Singer Lily Allen has asked lifelong pal Miquita Oliver, a British TV presenter, to be her head bridesmaid when she weds fiance Sam Cooper in June (11).

7th April 2011

Fact: British singer Lily Allen is already making preparations for changing her name after her upcoming wedding to fiance Sam Cooper - she has had the initials L.R.C. monogrammed onto her luggage. The letters stand for Lily Rose Cooper. The couple will wed in June (11).

4th April 2011

Tweet: "Nice to know that I'm 80 per cent confirmed to be a judge on X Factor, anyone thinking about running it by me?... Maybe that's the 20 per cent bit. I'll only do it if there's a 'pop songs in a foreign language week'." British singer Lily Allen laughs off rumours she's set for a seat on the judging panel of Simon Cowell's upcoming American version of hit U.K. TV show The X Factor.

30th March 2011

Tweet: "I have ordered my dress from and @lilyroseallen has worn it!! Go Vintage!!" Kylie Minogue is keen to try out Lily Allen's personal collection of frocks on sale from her London clothes store, Lucy In Disguise.

23rd March 2011

Tweet: "I got a 10 week old Irish Wolfhound puppy yesterday, his name is Dermot. New levels of s**t and p**s. The dogs, not mine." Lily Allen has a new pup.

16th March 2011

Tweet: "Thank you to all the nice people who aren't being horrible. About me and my sister. Much appreciated." Lily Allen thanks her followers on for their positive comments following the airing of TV series Lily Allen: From Riches to Rags, which follows her attempt to open a vintage store in London with her sister Sarah.

9th March 2011

Tweet: "Yesterday i ordered spaghetti bolognese from room service, there was a cockroach in it. f**king gross." Lily Allen was not impressed with the hotel she stayed in while visiting Paris Fashion Week.

8th March 2011

Tweet: "Have just googled myself, am depressed. going home and switching off broadband. i just get upset when some people cant see how nice and brilliant I am. good day to you all." British pop star Lily Allen wishes her public perception was better.

6th February 2011

Quote: "She's doing fine. She has pulled herself up. Everyone does after a tragedy. It's good, she's just very happy." British singer Lily Allen is coping well following her miscarriage last year (10), according to her actor brother Alfie.

3rd November 2010

Tweet: "My heart is breaking for @lilyroseallen my thoughts and prayers are with you!" Kelly Osbourne sends her wishes to singer Lily Allen, who lost her baby at the weekend (30-31Oct10).

20th October 2010

Fact: Pregnant singer Lily Allen took a break from her pop hiatus on Tuesday (19Oct10) to join British rapper Professor Green on stage at a concert in London. The pair performed their track Just Be Good To Green.

19th October 2010

Quote: "It's not that I've fallen out of love with it. I absolutely love it and in some ways I'll miss it, but it's just that ultimately my goal in life is to have kids." Lily Allen is adamant she was right to walk away from music to start a family.

13th October 2010

Fact: Scientists in Britain are conducting a new study into the musings of celebrity users including Britney Spears, Stephen Fry and Lily Allen. The posts will analysed for a report about identity construction and social media.

6th October 2010

Fact: Rocker Lemmy, Lily Allen's producer mum Alison Owen and top British film critic DEREK MALCOLM have teamed up to judge the Raindance Film Festival in London. The odd trio will join ad man Charles Saatchi and writer/musician Dave MCKean on the jury at the indie film festival, which is ongoing. The festival boasts 77 movies.

14th September 2010

Tweet: "Only Gaga can do Beef Curtains and get away with it. loving the meat dress." Lily Allen was a big fan of Lady GaGa's shocking steak style creation at Sunday's (12Sep10) MTV Video Music Awards.

9th September 2010

Quote: "Chicken, tomato - whatever I can get. That's all I've really been craving. I could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm serious - I just can't get enough of it." Mum-to-be Lily Allen has just one pregnancy craving: soup.

7th September 2010

Tweet: "David Cameron just turned up to pick up politician of the year at GQ. Pass me the bucket, morning sickness is back." Pregnant Lily Allen is not a fan of Britain's new leader.

7th September 2010

Fact: Pregnant pop star Lily Allen debuted her baby bump at the London premiere of her producer mum Alison Owen's new movie TAMARA DREWE on Monday (06Sep10). The Smile singer is expecting her first child with her partner Sam Cooper next year (11).

1st September 2010

Fact: Lily Allen opened her first clothing shop in London on Wednesday (01Sep10). The star's fashion venture, Lucy in Disguise, was launched with a pop-up store in luxury department store Selfridges. The permanent shop will open in Covent Garden on 18 September (10).

30th August 2010

Tweet: "Congratulations to my mummy, who won an Emmy last night!!!! So proud of you mumma." Lily Allen is delighted for her mum Alison Owen, executive producer of TEMPLE GRANDIN, which scooped the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Made For Television Movie on Sunday night (29Aug10).

23rd August 2010

Tweet: "I had a meat free monday today. Was easy. I did a homemade pea and celery soup, followed by chard, carrot and chickpea saute, avec yoghurt." Singer Lily Allen goes vegetarian for the day.

16th August 2010

Tweet: "I love how people assume I'm a multi millionaire. I probably would be, if half the people who own my music actually bought it!" Lily Allen on her fortune and lack of it.

5th August 2010

Fact: Lily Allen celebrated news of her pregnancy on by posting a photo of herself grinning and holding aloft a copy of Britain's The Sun newspaper, which carried the story on its front page on Thursday (05Aug10). Under the picture, she wrote: "Not quite front page worthy but anyways (sic)... surreal."

31st July 2010

Tweet: "Just been to a dog behaviourist. It seems Mabel is too sexy for her own good. The boys love her and the girls hate her, hence the attacks!" Lily Allen explains why her pet is often attacked by other dogs.

25th July 2010

Tweet: "I want to be Amish. They seem so happy." Lily Allen considers a religious future.

5th July 2010

Fact: A British music station which had been set for closure has been saved following high-profile protests from stars including David Bowie, Lily Allen and Mark Ronson. BBC 6 Music will now stay open after the corporation's chairman rejected proposals to close the station to save money.

24th June 2010

Tweet: "S**t. England-Germany Sunday at Glastonbury, errrr, downer." Lily Allen is far from happy that her beloved England's next World Cup clash falls on Sunday (27Jun10) - while she's at the Glastonbury festival.

7th June 2010

Quote: "I'll be honest with you, I usually have a couple of glasses of wine before I go on but I don't know if that's necessarily nerves." Lily Allen still boozes to battle her stage fright.

1st June 2010

Quote: "I struggle because I don't feel really passionate about anything. I don't have a hobby. And I wish I could get more excited about things, and be less cynical. I got a Brit award earlier this year and it meant absolutely nothing to me." British pop star Lily Allen is worried about her lack of passion.

13th May 2010

Quote: "Ok, so I cried on telly. Shame. Still very proud of the boys even though they lost. Here's to next season." Lily Allen isn't ashamed of the fact she was caught sobbing on TV after watching her beloved soccer team Fulham lose the Europa League final in Hamburg, Germany.

24th April 2010

Tweet: "I wish one could believe what one reads in the papers. Apparently I've got 5 million quid. Yay!" Lily Allen insists new reports about her wealth aren't correct.

6th April 2010

Tweet: "I'm rooting for Chris Martin on masterchef." Lily Allen hopes the Coldplay star wins Britain's TV cooking challenge.

6th April 2010

Fact: Lily Allen will debut her new fashion venture at the Vintage at Goodwood festival in Sussex, England on 13 August (10). The Buzzcocks and Sandie Shaw will perform at the event.

30th March 2010

Tweet: "I have to say I'm LOVING Justin Bieber's Baby today. Printing up lyrics and planning on dancing round my office singing it all afternoon." Lily Allen is a big fan of the teen pop sensation's new hit.

16th February 2010

Quote: "I'm really obsessed with (Lady) Gaga at the moment. I had a dream that I met her and she was mean to me!" Lily Allen is a big fan of POKER FACE hitmaker Lady GaGa.

30th December 2009

Quote: "You can not compare Britney with Lady Gaga. You are putting Lady Gaga at the same level of Britney Spears? I really cannot believe it. Lady Gaga is good, but she’s a new artist, Britney Spears is a legend. They are two different artists, two forms of entertainment but very different, it's like comparing Picasso to Dali." British singer Lily Allen is a firm fan of pop star BRITNEY SPEARS.

22nd December 2009

Quote: "It's not about being famous, it's not about all the parties, it's not about wanting to be the biggest pop star on the planet. It's about being happy. For me, that is (boyfriend) Sam, spending time at home, sorting out bed linen - being normal." Lily Allen explains her reasons behind her planned break from the spotlight.

15th December 2009

Fact: British singer Lily Allen's foray into interior design has proved successful - the cocktail bar she designed for SIR Elton John's charity ball raised $160,000 (£100,000) at auction on Sunday night (13Dec09).

11th December 2009

Quote: "The best part of the night was being sick. When I used to get p**sed and do naughty things at festivals, I always used to really enjoy being sick because you'd feel like a new person." Lily Allen had a stomach-churning way of overcoming her drink and drug binges.

10th December 2009

Quote: "I get annoyed with people. When you're just walking down the street, they take out their camera phones and start filming you.The only thing I can compare it to would be being in a zoo and people sort of pointing and looking." British pop star Lily Allen on fame.

16th November 2009

Quote: "All he wanted to know was how my dad was. I said, 'Yeah, he's alright,' and that was about it. He said he liked my album and I said I was a bit of a fan of his work, too." Lily Allen wasn't impressed upon meeting Sir Paul McCartney when the beatle seemed more interested in her actor father Keith.

10th November 2009

Fact: Music mogul Simon Cowell, pop stars Lily Allen and Dizzee Rascal, and fashion designer Stella Mccartney are among the most influential celebrities in London, according to the Evening Standard newspaper's annual list of the U.K. capital's most powerful people.

1st November 2009

Quote: "We'd be great at it. The kids would learn loads about clothes, make-up and music." Lily Allen wants to set up a babysitting business with new pal Kate Moss.

16th October 2009

Fact: Sir Paul McCartney, Lily Allen, Leona Lewis, Take That and DAME Shirley Bassey will take to the stage at London's Royal Albert Hall on 20 November (09) to raise funds for BBC charity Children In Need.

7th October 2009

Fact: Lily Allen made her runway debut at the Chanel fashion show on Tuesday (06Oct09) - she popped out of a bale of hay to perform her hit NOT FAIR for fashionistas at the barnyard themed extravaganza in Paris, France.

28th September 2009

Fact: Lily Allen is set to work with rapper Dizzee Rascal next year (10). The star will play two concerts with the BONKERS hitmaker in the U.K. in March.

11th September 2009

Quote: "I wouldn't go out with anyone my age. I have sex with people my age but I wouldn't go out with them." Lily Allen likes older men.

27th August 2009

Quote: "I get pangs of jealousy when I hear people like radio presenters getting really excited about new music. I kind of feel like: 'Oh, I'm just fading.'" British singer Lily Allen feels envious when she hears about upcoming female artists.

15th August 2009

Quote: "Sam Cooper (a close friend) keeps being referred to as a painter and decorator, which is fine. He is actually a builder and runs his own firm." Lily Allen isn't enjoying the attention her reported new beau is receiving in the press - because reporters keep mixing up his job title.

7th August 2009

Quote: "British women are the supreme she-wolves. Kate Moss is a she-wolf. Lily Allen, I love her, I really like her lyrics - she is definitely a she-wolf. She is very brave." SHE WOLF singer Shakira on the fearless women who have emerged from the U.K.

31st July 2009

Fact: Lily Allen is taking her tour to South America. The star will embark on a whirlwind tour of Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina on 16 September (09).

15th July 2009

Fact: Lily Allen is set for an unlikely live duet - the singer will take to the stage with 1970s pop star David Cassidy at Ireland's Flat Lake Festival next month (Aug09).

14th July 2009

Quote: "I want a British girl and I have a few favourites. I adore Lily Allen and really think she could pull it off." Former Powder star Pearl Lowe wants SMILE singer Allen to play her in an upcoming biopic.

13th July 2009

Quote: "If I had to share a tent with anybody it would be Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol... I've just bought a yurt, which I prefer to a normal tent, so there'd be plenty of room for him and the band to join me." British singer Lily Allen is keen to spend time with Snow Patrol's frontman.

27th June 2009

Fact: British singer Lily Allen wore a white glove on her right hand during her set at U.K. music festival Glastonbury on Friday (26Jun09) - in honour of Michael Jackson, who died on Thursday (25Jun09). The singer also brought a touch of Britney Spears glamour to the stage - she performed a cover version of the star's hit WOMANIZER..

25th June 2009

Quote: "I've been checking out Lily on TV a lot lately - she's cute! And I love the U.K. - especially the pubs. We'd get on great." Rocker Lenny Kravitz has set his sights on British pop star Lily Allen.

11th June 2009

Quote: "I think my dad made it hard for the rest of Blur because he was out getting f**ked with ALEX (James) and I think that probably annoyed them." Lily Allen thinks her actor dad Keith contributed to tensions within the band before they went on hiatus in 2003.

1st June 2009

Fact: Singer Lily Allen is the new face of Britain's National Portrait Gallery. She joins jazz stars George Melly and RONNIE SCOTT in the gallery's latest marketing campaign.

28th May 2009

Fact: British pop star Lily Allen is to shoot a guest spot on Aussie TV soap NEIGHBOURS. The Smile singer will film a cameo on the longrunning show in between concerts on her Australian tour in June (09).

22nd May 2009

Quote: "Lily Allen is fantastic. She's one of those people who is so cool that whenever I meet her I feel like I'm back at school and none of the girls like me any more." Coldplay star Chris Martin is in awe of the SMILE singer.

15th May 2009

Quote: "In a pantomime, when I was five. It was Sleeping Beauty and I think I played a frog or a boy. I was always either something s**t or a boy." Lily Allen recalls her early acting experiences on the stage.

15th May 2009

Quote: "I haven't lost any money, because I'm terrible, I spend, spend, spend. There are loads of Chanel jackets in my wardrobe. I am single-handedly keeping the economy going." Singer Lily Allen insists her shopping habits are keeping the economy afloat.

13th May 2009

Quote: "I'm Labour until I die." British pop star Lily Allen is determined to stick with the U.K.'s current governing political party Labour.

8th May 2009

Fact: Lily Allen flouted the French smoking ban by lighting up on stage at La Cigale club in Paris on Thursday night (05May09). She will receive a $58 (£40 fine).

7th May 2009

Quote: "Take baby wipes with you, wellies...that said, I don't really take wellies, I just take loads of trainers and throw them away when they get ruined." Lily Allen's handy hints for surviving the upcoming festival season.

7th May 2009

Quote: "It's ridiculous, I hate it. Footballers aren't there to show off in London, but to play football. Mind you, they are probably too stupid to understand that. Especially the English ones. (They) go out everywhere they can find alcohol for too much money and sex for nothing." Lily Allen has nothing but disgust for soccer players in England.

2nd May 2009

Quote: "OMG (Oh my God). Was just introduced to Joan Collins. Shook her hand and went to kiss her on the cheek - 'I don't kiss people I don't know.' Amazing!" Singer Lily Allen takes to her page to laugh off a snub by the veteran actress.

1st May 2009

Fact: Costume fan Lily Allen is staging a gig in London later this month (May09) - with free entry for anyone sporting a creative get-up inspired by the names of London Underground train stations.

23rd April 2009

Quote: "Had a massive ice cream fight, dressing room based, cost me $2000 . End of tour, time to get mashed (drunk)." Lily Allen celebrated the end of her North American jaunt with a messy food fight backstage.

22nd April 2009

Quote: I took a bit of a beating from the press first time around. I became more famous for being a train wreck than a singer. I didnt think I was capable of writing songs and making music. Lily Allen feared her wild partying ways would ruin her career.

18th April 2009

Fact: Oasis, Kanye West, Coldplay, Pet Shop Boys, Lily Allen, Nine Inch Nails and Lil Wayne will be among the highlights at the 39th annual Roskilde Festival in Denmark this summer (02-05Jul09).

15th April 2009

Quote: "She's a friend of a friend and I invited her to the concert and I was kinda halfway through my encore and I got this tap on my shoulder and I was like, 'What the... Hi...' I got on with the show and she walked off." British singer Lily Allen was surprised to find Lindsay Lohan onstage with her during a rendition of Britney Spears' WOMANIZER at a recent Los Angeles show.

14th April 2009

Quote: "I actually played it to him but he's so arrogant he didn't even think for a second it was about him. He didn't didn't even ask a question." Lily Allen insists the subject of her bad sex song, NOT FAIR, has no idea the tune is about him.

3rd April 2009

Fact: Lindsay Lohan showed off her singing talents on Thursday (02Apr09) night when she joined British pop star Lily Allen on stage at her concert in Los Angeles for a cover of Britney Spears' hit single WOMANIZER. Lohan has become good friends with the SMILE hitmaker through her girlfriend, Dj Samantha Ronson and her producer brother Mark Ronson, who contributed to Allen's 2006 album, ALRIGHT, STILL.

5th March 2009

Quote: "I've never craved alcohol. I just drank out of boredom." Lily Allen on her past drinking problems.

4th March 2009

Quote: "If it doesn't last, I will find something else to do. There's always a cake shop if it doesn't work out. I really like baking." Pop star Lily Allen is already thinking about alternative careers.

2nd March 2009

Quote: "I thought all the world would love me if I became successful. I hoped it would be the solution to all my problems, but it just aggravated them." Pop star Lily Allen is no longer a fan of fame.

28th February 2009

Fact: Lily Allen and her father Keith Allen are the only father-and-daughter acts who have both had number one songs in England. Allen senior topped the charts in 1988 with his football anthem VINDALOO, 18 years before his daughter's smash single SMILE reached number one on the U.K. Singles Chart in July 2006.

25th February 2009

Quote: "PETA, by the way, my coat isn't real fur, but it was bloody expensive. Cover me in paint and I WILL send you the bill." Lily Allen warns the animal rights advocates not to take aim at her faux-fur goods.

25th February 2009

Fact: Lily Allen has donned panda, monkey and duck costumes for a series of snaps posted on her personal Twitter page.

24th February 2009

Quote: "I didn't get anywhere through my dad's name. Most of my life I spent time explaining who Keith Allen was to people. Below a certain age group people are not familiar with him. At school the only thing he was recognised for was as the fairy in a Listerine advert." Lily Allen denies her success is down to her actor father's fame.

19th February 2009

Quote: "I'd much rather (kids) listen to my song and swore than watch a Pussycat Dolls video and start taking their clothes off (sic)." Lily Allen thinks she's a better influence on young listeners than other pop acts around, even though she has a foul mouth and sings songs like F**k You on her new album.

19th February 2009

Quote: "I fear pigeons... I just dont like it when you walk near them and they fly towards you and they flap their wings fast." THE FEAR singer Lily Allen on one of her biggest personal fears.

19th February 2009

Fact: Lily Allen performed Britney Spears' WOMANIZER in a backstage bathroom with Ellen Degeneres while appearing on the comedienne's talk show on Wednesday (18Feb09).

19th February 2009

Fact: Lily Allen is determined to put her feud with Perez Hilton behind her - she dedicated two songs to the celebrity blogger during a performance on Los Angeles' KCRW radio station on Wednesday (18Feb09).

17th February 2009

Quote: I'm glad Lily Allen thinks my music is boring. At least she's not stalking me any more. Mike Skinner hits back at LILY ALLEN's comments that his music is bland.

16th February 2009

Quote: Im always aware when Im writing songs that other people have to be able to relate to them. If you look at a song like Not Fair, I think probably quite a lot of girls feel unsatisfied by their boyfriends in bed. I do. I think girls relate to that. Lily Allen wants a man who can please her in the bedroom.

10th February 2009

Quote: "I just usually give up and then go and live life for a couple of weeks and then sleep with some people." Lily Allen reveals how she conquers writers' block.

10th February 2009

Quote: "I'm not very good at them (relationships). I'm good at having sex." Lily Allen on her strengths and weaknesses.

6th February 2009

Quote: "I was brought up in a Catholic school and they told me gays, adultery and drugs were bad. All my mum's friends were gay, my dad was having affairs and there drugs in the house when I was a kid, so it was a bit cruel." Growing up was a confusing time for British singer Lily Allen.

6th February 2009

Quote: "There are some things I just can't do any more. Like when I've had sex, I can't go to the sexual health clinic. I can't go to a shop to get condoms." Lily Allen reflects on the price of fame.

6th February 2009

Quote: "Celebrity culture is the establishment I want to rebel against. I don't want to be a part of the good side of it. I don't want to be that person with shiny white teeth who stands on the red carpet telling everyone I love them. Because I don't care." British pop star Lily Allen isn't keen on becoming a red carpet celebrity.

4th February 2009

Fact: Lily Allen fans can listen to her new album IT'S NOT ME, IT'S YOU via the star's MySpace page for a week before its official release on 9 February (09).

4th February 2009

Quote: "Maybe I should try somebody younger, as the older man thing hasn't worked out so well. But I'm going to be so busy for the next two years. Even if I was to meet someone, I don't have the time." Lily Allen is too busy for a boyfriend - young or old.

2nd February 2009

Quote: "There are loads of good bits (about my job) - lots of free clothes and I get my hair and make-up done. Although not today because no-one turned up because of the snow. I had to do it myself and I have a greasy fringe!" Singer Lily Allen bore the brunt of people not getting to work due to the extreme weather conditions in the U.K. on Monday (02Feb09).

30th January 2009

Quote: "I think guys have always spoken about bitches and hoes. Women like sex and enjoy talking about it too. Lily Allen wants female freedom of expression.

30th January 2009

Quote: "Im not drinking any cheap stuff now - only expensive wine will do this time. Ive gone upmarket. Lily Allen now has expensive taste in alcohol.

30th January 2009

Quote: "Sorry there aren't many songs off my old album. I just think they're really juvenile." Lily Allen refused to play more than three songs from her debut LP ALRIGHT, STILL at her comeback concert in London on Wednesday (28Jan09) night. Stars in the audience included Kate Moss and Mark Ronson.

30th January 2009

Quote: "With the internet you can fight back. The other day Perez Hilton wrote that I was a lazy ar*e and I should give up on my record. Today, my single is No1 in the midweeks and I am on tour. And his job is sitting at a computer all day. How can he call me lazy?" Lily Allen hits out at celebrity blogger PEREZ HILTON.

29th January 2009

Quote: "No, I did have hypnosis to stop smoking though. It worked for a bit." Singer Lily Allen denies she used hypnotherapy in a bid to lose weight.

28th January 2009

Quote: "I'd like to have a country house and keep chickens." Lily Allen dreams of a rural life.

28th January 2009

Quote: "I really don't care. Until everyone starts being horrible to me... then I'll care... If I do eventually regret writing something, that usually means it's good." Pop star Lily Allen awaits the backlash after penning a new song, HIM, which poses the question if God "has ever taken smack or cocaine".

27th January 2009

Quote: "I just bought three books on law from Amazon. I'd quite like to be a probation officer, I think." Lily Allen contemplates a career change.

27th January 2009

Quote: "When you write a song, you don't think about performing in a video. Also, most girls in this industry are used to moving and dancing a bit, but I'm rubbish at that. I just stand there!" Lily Allen isn't a fan of filming promos for her music releases.

27th January 2009

Quote: "I still do contemplate laser surgery and liposuction." Lily Allen admits she's still very insecure.

25th January 2009

Quote: "It's a father thing. Men who are emotionally immature and insecure, they just do my f**king head in. But a 50-year-old would be over that." Pop star Lily Allen tries to explain her addiction to older men. (SW/WNSNE/ZN) "It's a father thing. Men who are emotionally immature and insecure, they just do my f**king head in. But a 50-year-old would be over that." Pop star LILY ALLEN tries to explain her addiction to older men.

24th January 2009

Quote: "People assume that because I went to Prince Charles' old school for six months, I must be well educated. I went to 13 different schools between birth and 15 and didn't stay long enough to learn anything." Lily Allen on her school days.

22nd January 2009

Quote: "I just hope I can stay famous enough for a little bit so someone rich will marry me. That’s all I really care about these days." Lily Allen craves a life of luxury.

22nd January 2009

Fact: Pop star Lily Allen has the citation from her 2007 paparazzo-attack arrest framed and placed on the wall of her west London home.

21st January 2009

Quote: "I did want to be famous, but I didn't realise what famous was. I thought fame just meant, 'Everyone will love me.'" Fame isn't what British singer Lily Allen thought it would be.

19th January 2009

Quote: "It felt really tainted as well because we were in the studio that he'd been working with AMY (WINEHOUSE) in, and I was kind of in her bed, and it was all very weird." Lily Allen found it hard to work with her former producer Mark Ronson after he lent a hand to the BACK TO BLACK hitmaker.

19th January 2009

Quote: "Waking up on a Sunday at boarding school and my dad and DAMIEN HURST and Alex James from Blur were on the cover of a magazine, naked. On a hill. With sheep. That was the most embarrassing moment of my life." Pop star Lily Allen on her actor father Keith.

13th January 2009

Fact: Artists including Lily Allen, Mick Jones, Duffy and Estelle are lending their vocals to the new War Child charity album. The stars will cover classic tracks for the LP Heroes, which is slated for release in the U.K. on 19 February (09).

19th December 2008

Fact: Superproducer Mark Ronson has created a list of his top 100 acts of all time, including THE Beatles, Radiohead and GUNS N' ROSES. Ronson had mentions for recent collaborators THE Kaiser Chiefs and Lily Allen but left his Grammy Award-winning pal Amy Winehouse off the list.

15th December 2008

Fact: Lily Allen has recorded a version of Britney Spears' hit single WOMANIZER. The track was showcased by her producer friend Mark Ronson on his weekly New York show on Friday (12Dec08).

5th December 2008

Quote: 'I'm quite terrified that nobody is going to buy tickets so can everyone please go and buy some? I bought six of my own!" Lily Allen has been purchasing tickets for her own upcoming London gig in January (08).

2nd December 2008

Fact: Elton John is to hit the studio with super-producer Mark Ronson for his next album. Ronson is the man behind Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse's album successes.

24th November 2008

Fact: Lily Allen will perform her first full London show in two years early next year (09).The British singer will play the special one-off gig at KOKO in Camden on 28 January.

23rd November 2008

Quote: "SIMON (COWELL) gave me his number about a year-and-a-half ago and I didn't call back. He's single now, maybe we would have fun." SMILE singer Lily Allen considers her dating options.

21st October 2008

Fact: British singer Lily Allen turned DJ at the weekend (18-19Oct08), playing a variety of her favourite tunes to partygoers at the Gatecrasher club in Birmingham, England.

17th September 2008

Quote: "There's a very good reason for that: they don't get out enough." British comedian Ricky Gervais reasons why Hollywood actresses Kate Hudson and Eva Mendes and singer Lily Allen have all confessed to having "secret crushes" on him.

16th September 2008

Fact: Pop star Lily Allen is teaming up with British rapper Wiley for a song on his new album I SEE CLEAR.

5th September 2008

Quote: "I'm not gonna say I'm never gonna do drugs again. I just know I'm not a good person on drugs." Lily Allen.

4th September 2008

Fact: Lily Allen's actor father KEITH is to make his West End debut in a London theatre production of TREASURE ISLAND. Allen Sr., 55, will play one-legged pirate Long John Silver in the stage show, which opens at the Theatre Royal Haymarket on 17 November (08).

4th September 2008

Quote: "It's much more horny... By that I mean trumpets." Lily Allen on how her forthcoming album STUCK ON THE NAUGHTY STEP will sound.

2nd September 2008

Quote: "I'm like a skinnier Lily Allen or a fatter Amy Winehouse." Pop star Katy Perry explains her look.

9th July 2008

Quote: "I left school at 15. I'm not a genius songwriter. I don't think I'm really good at anything." Pop star Lily Allen has no confidence in her own skills.

9th July 2008

Quote: "Don't get too excited, burglars, I've got metal roller blinds that go down at night and a panic button by my bed." British singer Lily Allen steps up security in her new London home.

8th July 2008

Fact: British pop star Lily Allen has gone back to her roots - after ditching her dyed pink locks and reverting to her natural brunette hair colour on Monday (07Jul08).

3rd July 2008

Quote: "I would like to do something like the Spice Girls - it could be really fun. We could get Lily (Allen) to be in there, as she doesn't take herself too seriously." Supermodel-turned-rock star Agyness Deyn is keen to start up her own girl power group with fellow London party girl Lily Allen.

2nd July 2008

Quote: "I'd really like to do A+R at a record company. I love going to gigs." Lily Allen makes plans for life after her pop career.

2nd July 2008

Quote: "Who, at age 23, hasn't passed out from alcohol? I just happen to have photographers following me. I haven't drunk the whole time I've been here in L.A., and I'm up every day at eight." Lily Allen insists she hasn't been all bad while recording new tracks in Hollywood.

1st July 2008

Quote: "I feel like I got away with something. I left school at 15. I'm not a genius songwriter. I don't think I'm really good at anything." Lily Allen is grateful to have become a successful musician.

16th June 2008

Fact: A management company run by Elton John represents British wild child Lily Allen.

3rd June 2008

Quote: "I find it funny she's a musician now because she never used to be into music at school. I don't really like her music all that much." The Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard is not a fan of former classmate Lily Allen's music.

17th May 2008

Fact: British pop star Lily Allen has a Homer Simpson tattoo on her right wrist.

21st April 2008

Fact: Bosses at British singer Lily Allen's record label refused to pay for her to fly to New York to record her debut album ALL RIGHT, STILL, so superproducer Mark Ronson bought her a ticket with his air miles - and put her up at budget hotel Holiday Inn.

18th April 2008

Quote: "I'm a blondie and loving it." British singer Lily Allen confirms blondes do indeed have more fun.

6th April 2008

Fact: British pop star Lily Allen has swapped her formerly brunette hair for a dramatic new blonde look.

27th February 2008

Quote: "I didn't get a Brit Award. Can I have some of yours please?" Lily Allen is jealous of pal Mark Ronson's win at this year's (08) Brit Awards.

27th February 2008

Quote: "At least I showed up to work on our video, unlike Amy Winehouse, who couldn't even be bothered to do that." Lily Allen blasts AMY WINEHOUSE after they both released collaborations with producer MARK RONSON.

18th February 2008

Quote: "I was told I'd been blacklisted and wasn't allowed a ticket. I still have no idea why." British pop star Lily Allen was shocked to learn she had been barred from seeing the Spice Girls on tour.

15th February 2008

Quote: "I think Lily Allen is the greatest melody writer of her generation." Music producer Mark Ronson sings LILY ALLEN's praises.

26th January 2008

Fact: Blur rocker Alex James will be the first guest on pop star Lily Allen's new BBC chat show LILY ALLEN AND FRIENDS.

7th January 2008

Quote: "If I don't see them, they don't exist." Pop star Lily Allen refuses to read the tabloids.

6th January 2008

Quote: "No, it's a waste of money." British pop star Lily Allen refuses to send her unborn child to private school.

5th January 2008

Quote: "I think most of my dad's autobiography is complete bollocks (crap), to be honest." Singer Lily Allen doesn't think much of actor father Keith Allen's book.

28th December 2007

Fact: Pregnant pop star Lily Allen declared the winter sales at exclusive London store Harrods officially open on Friday morning (28Dec07). The SMILE hitmaker follows in the footsteps of stars Eva Longoria, Sarah Michelle Gellar and the Pussycat Dolls in completing the honours.

28th December 2007

Fact: When singer Lily Allen appeared on MTV show TRL in America for the first time earlier this year (07) she wore a $9,000 (GBP4,500) Prada dress.

23rd December 2007

Fact: Newly-pregnant star Lily Allen will open the sale at London's lavish department store Harrod's on Friday (28Dec07).

19th December 2007

Quote: "I love smoking… I don't really want to say it, but I do." British pop star Lily Allen can't control her bad habit.

12th December 2007

Fact: Pop singer Lily Allen has been announced as a judge on the panel of the Orange Broadband Prize For Fiction, one of the U.K.'s most prestigious literary awards for female authors whose previous winners include novelists ZADIE SMITH and LIONEL SHRIVER.

10th December 2007

Quote: "I don't feel challenged by people my own age. They don't read the broadsheets. I like to be up to date with what's going on in the world. I don't think the average 22-year-old cares. They watch (British TV show) T4 and read (tabloid) the Mirror. I don't want to talk about (reality TV show) Shipwrecked. I want to talk about what's going on in Burma." British pop star Lily Allen prefers the company of old people.

7th December 2007

Quote: "Some of the kids would flaunt their money in a way I was just flabbergasted by. There were people being picked up by helicopters. I was picked up by Hippy Dave in a VW (Volkswagen) Camper van with flowers painted on the side." British pop star Lily Allen on her boarding school days.

6th December 2007

Quote: "I'm an opinionated, tough girl, but the minute I get into bed with somebody I turn into a little girl who needs looking after. I'm really nauseating." British pop star Lily Allen admits her tough girl act is just that.

5th November 2007

Quote: "When I'm being chased by paparazzi, my new trick is to speed off round the corner, park and hide." British singer Lily Allen reveals her technique to avoid photographers.

9th October 2007

Quote: "Kids and a marriage proposal from Sir Paul McCartney. I don't know if you've heard but we're now a couple, so I should be Lady Lily MCCartney and I'll probably have a few kids on the way." British pop star Lily Allen jokes about the media speculation over her love life.

4th October 2007

Fact: British singer Lily Allen was so fed up of the paparazzi attention on a recent night out in London, she stubbed her cigarette out on a snapper's camera lens.

4th October 2007

Quote: "I sound a bit rubbish. I haven't sung or toured in about a month. My singing is a bit like a cat being swung around." British pop star Lily Allen doesn't think much of her own performance at the London launch of styling product Braun Satin Hair on Tuesday night (02Oct07).

20th August 2007

Quote: "Get the drinks in. I've had a couple of interesting weeks. I've been sick, yep I have. I've had sinusitis or whatever that is. I have been carried in a shopping bag by my good friend Miquita Oliver. And I've been banned from America." Lily Allen toasted a wild few weeks at the V Festival in Stafford, England on Saturday (18Aug07).

10th August 2007

Fact: Gwyneth Paltrow's Go Go Films production partner and best pal is pop star Lily Allen's director mum Alison Owen.

3rd August 2007

Fact: Pop star Lily Allen's younger brother, Alfie, has won a role in BBC medical drama CASUALTY 1907. The 20-year-old actor will play an East London gang member in the British series spin-off.

10th July 2007

Quote: I think Paris is amazing. I mean she's hideous, but I think she's amazing at the same time. I love her. I think The Simple Life is genius. I can never figure out if she plays up to it or not." Lily Allen is intrigued by Paris Hilton.

3rd July 2007

Quote: "There's a lyric I love and hate at the same time. It's that line from DES'REE's song LIFE which says, 'I don't want to see a ghost/ I'd rather have a piece of toast.' It's the cheesiest lyric ever, but brilliant at the same time." British singer Lily Allen is full of praise for crazy songwords.

30th June 2007

Quote: "Here (in US) they get their snatches waxed. I get a strip, a runway strip. I don't think I could get it done in England. They stare at it. They spend ages doing it. It's like, 'Get it over and f**king done with!'" Lily Allen admires the bravery of body conscious American women.

29th June 2007

Quote: "I think I'm going to be murdered." Lily Allen is convinced she will die in a gruesome way.

28th June 2007

Quote: "I can't wait until Lindsay Lohan goes to jail. 'Boo hoo hoo. I'm going to jail.' Good. Does that mean you'll stop showing me your p**sy now?" Singer Lily Allen hopes LINDSAY LOHAN falls foul of the law at some point.

18th June 2007

Fact: Primal Scream, Nine Inch Nails, TOOL, Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse and The Jesus And Mary Chain are headlining the ecologically-friendly Norwegian festival Oya in August (07).

30th May 2007

Quote: "A lot has happened since the last time that I blogged. Obviously Cherylgate was fun, but we have moved on." Singer Lily Allen is putting her much publicised feud with Girls Aloud singer CHERYL COLE behind her.

30th May 2007

Quote: "She broke the law, why shouldn't she go to jail. She's rich, she could have afforded a driver to take her around anywhere, she didn't need to be driving that car when she didn't have a license." Lily Allen has little sympathy for jail-bound Paris Hilton.

24th May 2007

Fact: British pop star Lily Allen is to duet with Blondie's Debbie Harry on track Heart Of Glass on US TV series The Today Show on Friday (25May07).

24th May 2007

Quote: "Lily who? People are always trying to compare themselves to Kate, but none measure up. There's only one Kate Moss." Supermodel Naomi Campbell makes it clear her fashion allegiances don't lie with pop star Lily Allen. Both Allen and Moss launched British high street clothing ranges within days of each other earlier this month (May07).

1st May 2007

Quote: "Lily was really unfriendly and didn't event want to say hello. I think Lily is grumpy because she's miffed about having a big arse." Singer ROSS COPPERMAN attacks Lily Allen's figure.

22nd March 2007

Quote: "I'm not sick of playing it, but it's really hard to be enthused about it... It's difficult to be energetic about it, because I've probably sang it 2,000 times." Lily Allen on her smash-hit SMILE.

18th March 2007

Quote: "I don't want to be Nelly Furtado and I don't want to spend $250,000 on a song I didn't write." Lily Allen has no plans to work with superproducer Timbaland.

12th March 2007

Quote: "She's the best new artist I've heard since Eminem." Revered songwriter Randy Newman is a big fan of Brit Lily Allen.

8th March 2007

Quote: "When you get up at 7am to do interviews, it's not good if you stink of alcohol." British pop star Lily Allen on her bid to quit drinking.

1st March 2007

Quote: "She seems like a cool chick - a chick I'd like to get a beer with." Norah Jones is a fan of British pop sensation Lily Allen.

26th February 2007

Quote: "The walls must be purple, and I need scented candles." Lily Allen jokes about her recording studio demands.

8th February 2007

Quote: "Good. As long as they are out of my country." Singer Lily Allen on her reaction to DAVID and Victoria Beckham moving to Los Angeles.

5th February 2007

Quote: "I heard that Lily Allen's supposedly got more friends on MySpace than anyone. You want to go and see who has more friends on MySpace, love. I've got twice as many." British rapper Lady Sovereign gets competitive about her popularity on social networking website

29th January 2007

Fact: British pop star Lily Allen has signed up to play at England's Glastonbury Festival in June (07). She will join The Who, Bjork and Arctic Monkeys on a star-studded bill.

24th January 2007

Quote: "Getting up everyday. I miss being able to sleep until 11 o'clock." British singer Lily Allen on the biggest change in her life since becoming a star.

15th January 2007

Quote: "He sold his story to the newspapers, and he's living off the money he earned from my career, so he can't complain, but I can... He's ruined my life twice." Feisty pop star Lily Allen has no qualms about blasting her ex-boyfriend in her song lyrics.

30th December 2006

Quote: "I...uh...I admire her drive? Her music really doesn't do anything for me." British singer Lily Allen on her opinion of pop star Madonna.

16th December 2006

Quote: "She talks a lot. She said something about me once... I'll ask her to her face if she really meant it." Rapper Lady Sovereign isn't rushing into a war of words with fellow Brit Lily Allen after the SMILE star accused her chart rival of being "annoying".

11th December 2006

Quote: "I was hammered (drunk) and going up to all these boys in bands, who were all skinny jeans and haircuts, and I was saying, 'Are you in a band?' Yeah' 'Are you at number one?' 'No' 'Well, I am!' They all f**king hated me!" British pop star Lily Allen forgot modesty in her excitement at seeing hit debut SMILE grab top spot in the UK charts last summer (06).

7th December 2006

Quote: "I have the feeling that if I tried to do heroin just once, I'd decide this is what I'm meant to do with my life - be a heroin addict." Lily Allen decides the life of a drug addict is not for her.

5th December 2006

Quote: "There's three of them. If there was three of me, I'd beat them (up)." British singer Lily Allen is turning to cloning to battle chart rivals Sugababes.

3rd December 2006

Quote: "All I want in life is vegetables, pigs, cows and chickens. Before I was doing this, I was arranging flowers." British pop star Lily Allen on her plans to run a farm after her singing career is over.

29th November 2006

Fact: British pop star Lily Allen appeared as an extra in 1998 period movie ELIZABETH. Her mother Alison Owen was a producer on the film.

28th November 2006

Quote: "It's obvious I missed out on my childhood. What I want to do now is make as much money as quickly as possible so I can have a house in the country and ride quad bikes and horses all day." British pop star Lily Allen has get-rich-quick plans.

5th November 2006

Fact: Singer Lily Allen has been named Britain's most desirable young woman by society magazine Tatler.

26th September 2006

Quote: "Ha! As if! That is so not going to happen. I'll have extra security to keep him away!" British pop star Lily Allen is not open to the idea of performing a duet with her actor father KEITH ALLEN.

2nd August 2006

Quote: "It rhymes with his surname." British pop newcomer Lily Allen reveals her opinion of JAMES BLUNT.

20th July 2006

Quote: "It's nice to be nominated, but where are the past winners now?" British pop newcomer Lily Allen insists she's not bothered she missed out on a Mercury Music Prize nod.

19th July 2006

Quote: "I only like them if they're really, really tall or really fat. People say it's weird, but that's what I find attractive." British singer Lily Allen explains her unorthodox taste in men.

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