Outspoken pop star Lily Allen has so far refused to back down and apologise over a tweet that sparked accusations of homophobia, after the star referred to gay people as “f**s” in a tirade against Donald Trump.

The 31 year old star sparked outrage on the social media site after writing “F**s hate Trump”, linking it to a post from Gay Times that had showcased her new cover of Rufus Wainwright’s ‘Going To a Town’, which she had performed at the weekend at the Women’s March in London.

A music video was filmed there too, which featured many protestors bearing placards, one of which reads: “F**s hate Trump”.

Lily AllenLily Allen protesting in London in April 2016

She was branded “ignorant” and “vile” by many who were upset at her misappropriating a term traditionally used to insult LGBTQ people. However, some defended her for merely repeating what was on one of the banners in plain view.

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“Please don't refer to us as F**S, we are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender if anyone has to be labelled,” somebody wrote, while another posted: “Please don't collectively call us ‘f**s’. Some of us don't mind; but some of us hate it. Would you use the ‘N’ word collectively?”

The politically engaged singer, who is believed to be gearing up to release a new album in 2017, was also criticised for attempting to speak on behalf of others. “Isn't it funny how some pop stars, in their attempt to virtue signal, think they can speak on behalf of others?” one person asked.

It comes after Allen was involved in Twitter spat earlier this month with former EDL co-founder Tommy Robinson, and after she apologised “on behalf of my country” to a 13 year old boy while visiting the now-destroyed Calais refugee camp in September 2016, while filming a segment for the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show.

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