Lily Allen had double cause for celebration today, as her new husband SAM COOPER revealed to guests at their wedding reception that she is at least 12 weeks pregnant. The singer-turned-fashion mogul, 26, married builder Sam, 32, this morning at a Church in the picturesque Gloucestershire village of Cranham, and the couple stunned family and friends with the surprise news. Lily Allen, who has suffered two miscarriages in recent years, the latest being when her son was stillborn in November, proudly showed off her bump to the guests and has never hidden her desire to start a family. According to the Daily Mail, a source close to Lily said: "Lily is pregnant and she is marrying the man of her dreams. She is truly over the moon and so ecstatically happy she has shed tears of joy."
Lily wore a long lace wedding dress from French designer DELPHINE MANIVET for the big day, and was given away by her actor father Keith Allen, reported the Mirror. Her best friend, T4 star Miquita Oliver, was one of the bridesmaids , and guests included TV funny man Harry Enfield, who used to date Lily's mother, and ANGUS DEYTON. The newlyweds will Honeymoon at Glastonbury Festival, where they first met in 2009, and have reportedly arranged two £1000 luxury teepees for their family and friends.