Pop star Lily Allen has quit smoking cigarettes after the death of her godfather shocked her into reassessing her health priorities.

The Smile hitmaker has been a heavy smoker since her teens but she gave up tobacco earlier this year (14) after a tragedy close to her heart.

The mother-of-two tells Beat magazine, "My godfather died three weeks ago, from liver cancer. I got a call from his son outside the hospital, saying, 'I think you should get here'. And I looked at my cigarette and thought, 'What am I doing?' It's the thing about having kids, you start thinking about what you're going to leave behind. And we all know how much our parents mould who we are.

"I want to do it as best I can. I don't want to be a smoky cokey mum. I hope I can keep it up. I really do love smoking. I find it glamorous, I find it sexy, cool. It just kills you."