Lily Allen has mice in her house.

The 'Smile' singer has been keen to get rid of the rodents from her loft but her husband Sam Cooper believes they will never be completely rid of the vermin because they live in the countryside.

Writing in a series of posts on twitter, she said: '' Me to husband ''darling can we do something about the mice in the ceiling please'' ?

''Husband ''not much we can do I'm afraid we live on the country deAr, besides they've got rights , why shouldn't they live here too?'' Me ''well they're not contributing to the mortgage repayments'' Husband ''how do you know , they might have their own mouse mortgage'' (sic)''

Lily was initially concerned the rodents may have been rats, but Sam has assured her her worries are unfounded.

She added: ''I do think they sound bigger than mice, but husband assures me that they are #mice (sic)''

It is not the first time Lily has moaned about her husband on twitter.

She recently said she planned to ignore him because he went to the pub and stayed out too long.

She wrote: ''Dear husband, i hope you are enjoying the pub, can you come home now please, love lily x (sic)''

She then tweeted: ''Actually you can stay as long as you like but i will ignore you upon your return and you can forget about breakfast. (sic)''