Lily Allen got a Lego plane for her birthday.

The 'Not Fair' singer turned 27 yesterday (02.05.12) and was thrilled when she received a box of The Tiny plastic bricks instructing her how to build a replica private jet.

She tweeted yesterday: ''This 'Backstage at the soap awards' thing has been the highlight of my birthday. That and the private jet obvs (sic)''

Her post was accompanied by a picture of the toy's box.

Just hours before getting her gift, Lily - who has a five-month-old daughter, Ethel Mary, with husband Sam Cooper - was moaning she hadn't been given anything.

She wrote: ''Not one present ....... And counting (sic)''

Her day also took a turn for the worse when someone asked her if she was still pregnant despite giving birth last year.

She wrote: ''And someone just asked me when my baby's due. Massive fail.''

Lily also took to her twitter account to wish happy birthday to fellow celebrities who share the same birthday as her.

She said: ''Also happy birthday to 'The Rock' , David Beckham, Bianca Jagger and Englebert Humperdinck.''