Lily Allen sure does have a strange concept of money. When asked how much she earned from the John Lewis Christmas ad, which saw the singer reach number 1 with her cover of Keane’s ‘Somewhere Only We Know’, Allen responded with “nothing,” before explaining that she “probably made £8k”.

Lily AllenLily Allen: earning nothing

“Everyone assumes I made millions from the John Lewis ad,” Allen said when talking to BEAT. "Now I'm not earning much from the music I won't do as much promo for the record company. It's changed in that sense. I have to look at other ways,” she continued.

"Back then it was about doing as much press as possible, but now one quote will spread everywhere." She added: "So you don't want to do as much, because you saturate the media very quickly. Jonathan Ross, X Factor, so many opinions, it's too much. You want to hold it back."

Allen’s equation of £8k to “nothing” isn’t just an issue of semantics. To be driven around cars, made to pose in front of cameras, sing over an animated video and do some press rounds, £8k is – and most mainstream pop artists would agree – a derisory figure.

But Allen’s comeback to mainstream pop has – ostensibly, at least - been about her connection to ‘normal’ people. She shunned the common perception of female sexuality in music by criticising the antics of Miley Cyrus and shooting the video for ‘Hard Out Here’, which saw her undergo surgery to fit in with the ‘accepted’ female star. 

Lily AllenAllen places some bets on the horses at Cheltenham Festival

That’s all well and good. But what isn’t it telling people how to be a feminist; ignoring the millions of women striving for equality by suggesting the movement shouldn’t exist and bemoaning earning £8k - which is more than the majority of the world’s population will earn in a lifetime – for a few months work.

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