Cheryl Cole will never forgive Lily Allen for her hurtful comments.

The Girls Aloud singer - who has famously clashed with the 'Not Fair' songstress over the years - is not prepared to forgive and forget after the outspoken pop star made a series of "awful" remarks.

Lily previously blasted Cheryl's soccer star husband and labelled her flame-haired bandmate Nicola Roberts "the ugly one" in the girl group.

Cheryl said: "She called my husband 'horrendous'. Then she called Nicola 'ugly'. For another female artist to call you ugly is so awful.

"Nicola's been called 'ginger' all her life, then she makes something of herself and everyone calls her the 'ugly one'."

For that reason, 'Fight for This Love' singer Cheryl will never regret her previous comments which referred to Lily as a "chick with a d**k"

She explained to Q magazine: "I feel very protective of Nicola and if that means I'm going to call Lily 'whatever', then I don't care."

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old singer has admitted she thinks some of Girls Aloud's records are "c**p".

She said: "I remember listening to 'Love Machine' and thinking, 'We cannot put this c**p out.' I said to the label, 'It sounds like something Busted would do.' Then it went to number two in the charts. I was, like, 'Oh right. OK. I'll keep quiet.' "