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Can any one help my little boy aged 8 soon loves lilly he was born prem by 13 weeks and suffered bilateral brain damage we have been very fortunate to that he has had an operation that has changed his life called selective dorsal rhizotomy and it has enabled him to walk a little with aids and each year he will improve he no longer suffers in pain and is a changed little boy for the good im aiming to get him to be able to walk a mile and when he can i want to fundraise for another child to have the op he was only numbr 11 in the uk and it really makes a huge difference but i would like to be able to contact lilly not for money but to see if she would come to our event as who dont just love her and her music has helped my boy get through his physio sessions if anyone can help please can you thanks becci

Posted 10 years 6 months ago by Rebecca Daisy Lomax

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Lily Allen is awesome, I think her music is totally fresh in comparison to pretty much all other Top 40 pop outfits.Actually, I am trying to meet Lily Allen using nothing but the internet, if you guys feel it in your heart to help me, please go here:

Posted 14 years 7 months ago by LegoTrip

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Who the f**k is Lily Allen? You are a little cheap chav so please keep your comments to yourselves with regards to legalising drugs and slating people like Katie Perry (I don't really care about Katie Perry for reference).The only reason people know who you are is because of your chavvy mouth and outspoken comments, your music isn't that popular (except on Radio 1 of course but thats your main target audience Lilly isn't it?).I would never hit a woman but f**k me I would make a exception for you.

Posted 15 years 6 months ago by Ninja

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Smile is the most bestest album I've bought in years. I can't quite understand how someone Lily's age could possibly write a song as perfect as "Littlest things" - I nearly mowed down a bus queue this morning when I was listening to it whilst I was driving; too many tears. JOTW

Posted 16 years 11 months ago by JohnOnTheWey

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lily is frikkin fantastic, lyricly blessed and down to earth. I think your a little bit s**t mate. Go home.There are too many sheep in the world, following other sheep bout time someone stood up and said, yeah, he's s**t, whys that allowed and so on.ur a sheepslag BRUVV

Posted 17 years 7 months ago by BLU WA$P

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shut the fu(k up u dik head! lily allen slags off people who need to be slagged off and also need a slap round there face! e.g madonna and the pussycat dolls, lily is wat the music scenes have needed for a long long time! so if i was you i'd shut ur mouth coz ur wastin your time u dork!

Posted 17 years 8 months ago by blank_expression

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