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31st January 2017

Quote: "We have a good combination with Nicki. Every time we make records they are incredible and very successful. I think she is very, very special, and we work really good together, so it's exciting. Plus we have Lil Wayne on top of that. It's pretty big." David Guetta has recruited Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne for his upcoming seventh album.

28th January 2016

Fact: Rapper Lil Wayne will appear in new ads for Jeff Goldblum's quirky TV campaign, opposite a George Washington look-alike. In the commercial, which will air during the Super Bowl next month (Feb16), Wayne and the first U.S. President hang out and watch the big game together.

24th September 2015

Fact: Rapper Lil' Wayne is one of the playable characters in skateboarding icon Tony Hawk's new Pro Skater 5 video game.

11th July 2015

Fact: Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Skrillex and Lil Wayne are among the stars who will headline the first ever Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival in late August (15). The two-day bash will be held at New York's Nikon at Jones Beach Theater and also feature performances by Jason Derulo, Cold War Kids, Little Mix and Santigold.

2nd April 2015

Fact: Rapper Lil Wayne has listed his Miami Beach estate in Florida for $18 million (£11.3 million), just weeks after local police and a SWAT team were called to the mansion following reports that a man fired at four people in the home. Cops later determined the shooting was a hoax.

19th January 2015

Quote: "Lil Wayne and I are really close. We have a really close, personal relationship and I really like him a lot. We have a great chemistry. Is that a good answer?" Singer/actress Christina Milian refuses to go into details about the nature of her relationship with rumoured boyfriend Lil Wayne.

30th November 2014

Fact: Flamboyant rapper Lil Wayne has bought his daughter Reginae Carter a Ferrari Gto and a Bmw for her 16th birthday. The teenager recently celebrated her Sweet 16 in Atlanta, Georgia with a party featuring a performance by Nicki Minaj.

16th December 2013

Fact: Rapper Lil Wayne is offering one lucky fan the chance to join him in a recording studio and invite 50 friends to spend New Year's Eve (31Dec13) with the How To Love hitmaker, who will ring in 2014 by performing at a U.S. club. However, the exclusive package doesn't come cheap - the winner will have to hand over $100,000 (£66,700) for the opportunity.

14th October 2013

Fact: Rapper The Game has become label mates with Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Paris Hilton after signing to hip-hop mogul BRYAN 'BABY' WILLIAMS' Cash Money Records company.

30th September 2013

Quote: "I love being in the studio. Music has always been a huge passion of mine... So to be having my new single out with Lil Wayne, it's just such an honor, and I'm so excited for the world to hear it." Paris Hilton is honoured to have worked with rapper Lil Wayne on her new single Good Time. The record is due out on Tuesday (01Oct13).

10th September 2013

Quote: "Whatever they want to do. I don't want to have no influence... 'Hey, you must do this, you must do that.' Because I didn't have that and because I didn't have that I grew up to be exactly what I wanted to be and how I wanted to be. I want that for all of my kids... I know I'll be ready to retire at 35 because I am so ready to retire now!" Lil Wayne reiterates his plan to hang up his microphone in five years to spend more time with his four young children.

10th September 2013

Quote: "It's jail, so you know, I think for the first 20 seconds or 30 seconds, they're like, 'Oh my god, it's really him', and then it's back, (you're in) jail, quick in the reality of where you're at (sic)... and it's like, 'Yeah, Ok'." Rapper Lil Wayne insists his inmates at New York's Rikers Island prison didn't really care about his celebrity as he served time for gun possession.

13th June 2013

Quote: "I had a few seizures and the one that was very serious was the one that everyone was worrying about and that one was serious because... I was upstairs (in my house) and my homies (friends) were downstairs and they didn't even know that I was up there seizing, and one of them just was like, 'He hasn't came down in a minute (sic),' and they came up and caught me seizing." Rapper Lil Wayne on the drama surrounding his much-publicised health emergency in March (13).

13th June 2013

Quote: "I want to retire after Tha Carter 5, which I hope would be my last album. My next album isn't Tha Carter 5 - because I think I have to work on other albums as well with my pop, Birdman... but after Tha Carter 5 I hope that I can retire (and do) everything that I've never had a chance to do, regular stuff, man, like drive a car down the street... (and) things like spend quality time with my kids." Lil Wayne reiterates his plans to retire from rap after completing a final album and honouring his commitments to record label boss Bryan 'Birdman' Williams.

18th May 2013

Tweet: "Saw my daughter graduate to high school today!! Wasn't able to hold bak (sic) the tears man. I'm many things but I'm a very proud father First." Rapper Lil Wayne was a very proud dad on Friday (17May13).

16th March 2013

Fact: Drake showed his support for Lil Wayne by visiting his rap mentor in the intensive care unit at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Friday (15Mar13). The Lollipop hitmaker is recovering in hospital after suffering a seizure.

31st January 2013

Fact: Lil Wayne has hired creative experts from fellow rapper Kanye West's design company Donda to design the artwork for his upcoming album, I Am Not A Human Being Ii. The cover features a butterfly in red light against a black background. The two parties previously joined forces to come up with the black and red image for Wayne's recent single, Love Me.

28th September 2012

Tweet: "Happy Birthday Dwayne @liltunechi 'Dirty 30' Enjoy Love." Model LAUREN LONDON sends her best wishes to her ex-boyfriend Lil Wayne, the father of her three-year-old son Kameron.

16th May 2012

Tweet: "I just talked to f#kkkkkkin Tony Hawk!!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaat!!!! The God." Rapper and skateboarding enthusiast Lil Wayne is star-struck after an encounter with the professional skateboarder.

27th February 2012

Quote: "I do have a shoe coming out soon... with a well-known company. I just don't want to say yet because I haven't dotted the line yet. But it's done." Rapper Lil Wayne is getting into the footwear business.

3rd November 2011

Fact: Rap superstar Lil Wayne is helping a top Bollywood artist land his big break in America - they've recorded a track together. The Lollipop hitmaker has laid down lyrics for Indian actor/singer Himesh Reshammiya's song Come To Me Now, which is expected to be released next year (12).

1st November 2011

Fact: Rap superstar Lil Wayne got into the Halloween spirit on Monday (31Oct11) and dressed up as a werewolf to join hip-hop collective Odd Future onstage in Miami, Florida.

28th October 2011

Quote: "I haven't heard the album. I'll probably never hear the album." Lil Wayne has no interest in listening to his rap rivals Jay Z and Kanye West's collaborative album Watch The Throne.

29th September 2011

Fact: Justin Bieber gave his pal Lil Wayne a remixed rendition of the rapper's track How To Love as a gift to celebrate his 29th birthday on Tuesday (27Sep11).Visit our Facebook page for a chance to Win a SIGNED Justin Bieber Poster

26th July 2011

Fact: Rapper Lil Wayne's face tattoos have been named the worst body art in rock 'n' roll, in a poll by Q magazine. Ozzy Osbourne's tattooed name across the knuckles of his left hand was voted the best.

25th June 2011

Quote: "That’s my little homie now. He texts me every night, asking me to do (his) damn song... but I can’t do it... I don’t want to f**k his s**t up." Lil Wayne refuses to collaborate with Justin Bieber.

14th June 2011

Quote: "Smells Like Teen Spirit was the only rock song that (would) come on and you'd be like,'That one is OK, I can deal with that one'. I was young and I actually listened to the lyrics. I probably felt at that time I was rebelling and I can associate myself with that. (I could) relate to the things he (Kurt Cobain) was talking about in the songs. I probably couldn't, but I thought I could." Lil Wayne was a big fan of Nirvana in his youth.

13th June 2011

Fact: Rapper Lil Wayne and R&B singer Trey Songz helped the basketball players from newly-crowned Nba Champions the Dallas Mavericks celebrate their big win on Sunday (12Jun11) by partying at Liv nightclub in Miami, Florida. The Mavericks claimed its first championship title in franchise history after beating the Miami Heat 105 to 95.

10th May 2011

Fact: Rap superstar Lil Wayne is heading back out on the road for a summer (11) leg of his I Am Still Music Tour. The Lollipop hitmaker wrapped up a string of dates in North America last month (Apr11), but he will return to the stage with another 40 U.S. shows, starting in August (11).

25th April 2011

Quote: "I have a bunch of fish and two sharks. One is a little baby, about a foot or two big. The other is a good two, two and feet." Rapper Lil Wayne has unusual pets.

31st March 2011

Quote: "I never even heard Drake's album, I never heard Nicki's album, I swear to God. I work too hard to." Rapper Lil Wayne hasn't had time to listen his hip-hop proteges' music since completing an eight-month sentence for gun possession last year (10).

30th March 2011

Quote: "I want their singles to be hotter than mine. That's why Nicki (Minaj) on the show comes out after me. It's all a plan." Selfless Lil Wayne, who is currently touring with his protege Nicki Minaj, wants his labelmates to out-perform him.

28th March 2011

Tweet: "Dear New York, you gave me life tonite. You were amazzzingggg. U are Everything. U have no idea. Best homecoming ever!" Rapper Nicki Minaj was delighted to return to the Big Apple on Sunday (27Mar11), when she performed in Long Island with mentor Lil Wayne as part of their I Am Music II tour.

28th March 2011

Quote: "At the end of this year, I want to be able to say that I banked $50 million. Not generated $50 million, but actually banked $50 million." Rap superstar Lil Wayne is aiming high as he continues his hip-hop comeback following his release from prison last year (10). The Lollipop hitmaker served eight months behind bars for weapons possession.

25th March 2011

Quote: "I really enjoyed interviewing him. He was so polite, friendly, smart and sweet. So talented and passionate with his love for music. I am such a huge fan!" Socialite Paris Hilton loved quizzing rapper Lil Wayne for an upcoming issue of America's Interview magazine.

26th January 2011

Quote: "It got boring. Every day was the same." Lil Wayne gave up on plans to write a journal about his time spent behind bars at New York's Rikers Island.

19th January 2011

Quote: "I would have a bed full of s**t. The (correction officers) would come through and (be) like, 'What are you, about to cook?' 'Nope, just kicked a** at Uno, that's all!'" Lil Wayne gambled for treats with his fellow inmates during his stint in prison.

19th January 2011

Quote: "Not to use the word 'easy' - but it wasn't (as) difficult as people might think." Rapper Lil Wayne describes his recent prison stint.

20th December 2010

Fact: Lil Wayne joined rap pal Eminem for an appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend (18Dec10) in his first live TV performance since walking free from prison for gun charges in November (10). The hip-hop stars hit the stage on the hit U.S. comedy show for a rendition of No Love, while Eminem later performed Won't Back Down and Wayne debuted his new song 6'7".

24th November 2010

Fact: Lil Wayne pays tribute to cult British band The Smiths on the cover of his new album I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING - the rapper sports a t-shirt bearing the words, "And if the people stare, then the people stare" - a lyric from the group's 1983 debut single HAND IN GLOVE.

19th November 2010

Fact: Lil Wayne will make his first TV appearance since his release from prison earlier this month (Nov10) when he joins pal Eminem for the Christmas episode of U.S. comedy show Saturday Night Live on 18 December (10). Crazy Heart star Jeff Bridges will guest host the show.

8th November 2010

Quote: "What's poppin' to all my Facebook friends out there, I think there's 14 million of y'all. Just know that I send 14 million thank yous to y'all... Everybody from (website) WeezyThanxYou, you already know I love you, thanks for the support. I couldn't do it without you; I won't do it without you." Rapper Lil Wayne sends his regards to his fans on the social networking website after walking free from prison last week (04Nov10). The star served eight months at New York's Rikers Island for an illegal weapons charge.

4th November 2010

Fact: Lil Wayne will spend his first night of freedom following an eight-month stint behind bars living it up at a welcome home party in Miami, Florida thrown by his record label. He'll hit the studio this weekend (05Nov-07Nov10) to work on new music, according to his publicist Kia Selby. The rapper was released from New York's Rikers Island prison on Thursday morning (04Nov10) after serving jail time for illegal gun possession.

3rd November 2010

Fact: A homecoming party for rapper Lil Wayne in Miami, Florida on Sunday (07Nov10) is set to be an extravagant affair - the event is being organised by celebrity party planner Colin Cowie, who has arranged a lavish burgundy and purple colour-scheme and food including kobe beef burgers and truffled macaroni and cheese. Guests will include Drake and Jay Sean. Lil Wayne is expected to be released from jail this week (ends07Nov10).

31st October 2010

Quote: "He's had time to take everything in from the years leading up to his going in (to prison). We've been at such a fast pace... that he's finally been able to put some things in perspective." Lil Wayne's manager Cortez Bryant is convinced the rapper will be a better man thanks to his eight-month incarceration at Rikers Island prison in New York.

30th October 2010

Quote: "He's gonna come back and make everything better. He's our super superstar, he's our Michael Jackson. We did great while he was gone, and I know we're going to do even better when he comes home." Rap mogul BRYAN WILLIAMS on the return of his incarcerated protege Lil Wayne, who will be released from prison next month (Nov10).

13th October 2010

Quote: "Be home soon!... Dreaming of being in Greece." Incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne plans to celebrate his release from jail next month (Nov10) by jetting off on holiday, according to a blog posting to fans on Wednesday (13Oct10).

7th October 2010

Fact: Fans of Lil Wayne's Young Money label can now spend like the hip-hop stars themselves - bosses of the record company are releasing their own branded prepaid debit cards. The bank cards will give account holders discounts off merchandise purchased from various retailers. A launch date has yet to be announced.

5th October 2010

Quote: "Drake tries to be the suave dude and not seem pressed, but Wayne will straight-up ask: 'Nick, you got something for me?'" Rapper Lil Wayne is always asking Nicki Minaj to help find him a date.

28th September 2010

Quote: "I wanna hug and kiss my kids and after that I don't think I'm allowed to say." Lil Wayne on plans for his release from prison on 14 November (10).

19th August 2010

Fact: Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has enlisted the help of hip-hop stars including Eminem, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg and T.I. for his upcoming solo album, Can The Drummer Get Some, which is due to hit stores this autumn (10).

29th July 2010

Quote: "I was at his house, he walked by. I remember because (before) he was like, 'I would never get on Twitter!' Then he was like, 'Hey, set me up with a Twitter real quick.' So I set it up, I hooked him up." Rap superstar Lil Wayne has his teenage protege LIL' TWIST to thank for turning him onto

22nd July 2010

Quote: "I don't have any tattoos. I don't need it though. It's tatted on my heart." Rapper Drake has no plans to follow-up his inked-up boss Lil Wayne's love of skin art and get a tattoo showing his dedication to his hip-hop crew Young Money.

21st July 2010

Quote: "Wayne (is) in good (spirits), taking it one day at a time. Everybody there supporting him. The whole family there, we there every week. We write, send him pictures, do everything the family supposed to do. We just taking it day by day, working hard, because that's what he drive on. That's what we do." Lil Wayne's mentor and label boss Birdman tells the incarcerated rapper has the support of his whole Cash Money Records family as he serves time for gun possession.

14th July 2010

Quote: "I applaud my Young Money family for what they're doing. As I'm not surprised. This is what we're supposed to do. Congrats to Drake and Nicki for all their recent success. Those 2 are going to have me retiring early." Rap superstar Lil Wayne is proud of the chart success his two proteges Drake and Nicki Minaj have achieved while he serves jail time for gun possession.

14th July 2010

Quote: "There's no word that I can think of that properly defines them. Amazing would be too typical and perfect would be unfair." Incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne is writing some top quality lyrics while serving time for gun possession.

13th July 2010

Quote: "I wake up around 11am. Have some coffee. Call my kids, and my wonderful mother. I then shower up. Read fan mail. Have lunch. Back on the phone. Read a book or write some thoughts down. Have dinner. Phone. Push-ups. Then I listen to (sports station) ESPN on the radio. Read the bible, then sleep. That's my day." Incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne describes his daily routine behind bars. The star is serving time in New York's Rikers Island jail on a weapons possession charge.

5th June 2010

Quote: "I'm always ready, always ready. The whole thing is, Wayne's not here, so when he's here we're ready." Hip-hop star Juvenile insists the Hot Boys group reunion will be back on track as soon as crewmember Lil Wayne completes his one-year jail term for weapons possession. The Lollipop hitmaker began his sentence in March (10).

1st May 2010

Quote: “I rap really well. I can sound like Lil Wayne or Ludacris. I’m dead serious…I can spit!” Actor Ryan Phillippe is confident about his rap skills.

2nd March 2010

Fact: Lil Wayne is making sure his fans don't forget him when he's in prison - he shot another seven music videos on Saturday (27Feb10). The rapper, who will receive a one-year jail term for weapons possession on Tuesday (02Mar10), previously filmed nine promos for release over the next 12 months.

5th February 2010

Quote: "I'll have an iPod, and I'll make sure they keep sending me beats. I'll still be rapping in there, have a gang of raps ready when I come back home." Lil Wayne plans to stay busy while serving a 12-month jail sentence on weapons charges.

4th February 2010

Fact: Lil Wayne's Cash Money record label will relocate to New York while the rapper is serving time behind bars on gun charges. Lil Wayne is expected to start a 12-month stint behind bars at Rikers Island prison this month (Feb10).

3rd February 2010

Quote: "This is Lil Wayne going to jail. Nobody I can talk to can tell me what that’s like. I just say I’m looking forward to it." Rapper Lil Wayne on his impending 12-month jail spell on weapons charges.

3rd February 2010

Fact: "They told me, 'You're doing Bob Dylan's part,' and I was like, 'You guys are real good comedians'." Lil Wayne was stunned when Lionel Richie and Quincy Jones asked him to re-record Dylan's line in the We Are The World charity anthem, which was taped on Monday night (01Feb10) to help raise funds for the Haiti earthquake relief effort.

23rd September 2009

Fact: Hip-hop heavyweights Eminem, Kanye West and Lil Wayne have joined forces to record a tribute track to basketball player Lebron James. The tune, Forever, will feature in the upcoming James documentary More Than A Game.

3rd September 2009

Fact: Rapper Lil Wayne will kick off a new season of VH1's biography show BEHIND THE MUSIC. He'll open up about his upbringing and past marriage, as well as his financial woes on the show, which relaunches in America on 10 September (09).

6th August 2009

Fact: Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy's Young Money Presents: America's Most Wanted Music Festival has been extended by 10 dates. The shows will now run from 24 August (09) through to 6 September (09).

30th June 2009

Quote: A Florida man was arrested last week (beg22Jun09) for calling cops to ask for a police escort to a Lil Wayne concert. Michael Kruse, 20, was charged with making false emergency calls after repeatedly calling 911 to try and get a helicopter to take him to meet the rapper.

22nd June 2009

Quote: "I’m still kind of hoping it’s not true. I’m a face-value person. I won’t believe it until I see it." R&B star Keri Hilson can't believe pal Lil Wayne has impregnated two women at the same time. The rapper's on/off girlfriend Nivea and model/actress Lauren London are both claiming he's the father of their unborn babies.

16th June 2009

Fact: Rap superstar Kanye West has stepped behind the camera to direct the video for hip-hop newcomer DRAKE's new single BEST I EVER HAD. The promo, which was recently shot in Brooklyn, New York, is rumoured to feature cameos from Drake's mentor Lil Wayne, Common, Fabolous and JAY-Z.

18th April 2009

Fact: Oasis, Kanye West, Coldplay, Pet Shop Boys, Lily Allen, Nine Inch Nails and Lil Wayne will be among the highlights at the 39th annual Roskilde Festival in Denmark this summer (02-05Jul09).

9th April 2009

Quote: "This dude sold all these records, and all he wants to do is make more music. When we found out THA CARTER III sold a million records, we were in L.A. We set up a party for him, and he stayed on the bus to record. We went to the party for him. When we got back, he'd recorded three songs." Lil Wayne associate GUDDA GUDDA on the rapper's prolific nature.

9th April 2009

Quote: "I could quit music and spend all my money on game tickets." Lil Wayne on his love for sports.

8th April 2009

Fact: Rapper Lil Wayne's new nine-piece group YOUNG MONEY features actor DRAKE GRAHAM, who played a physically disabled student in kids' drama DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION. Graham comes with quite a music pedigree - his father played drums for Jerry Lee Lewis and his uncle, Teenie Hodges, was Al Green's guitarist throughout the 1970s.

31st March 2009

Fact: Rapper Busta Rhymes called in an all-star cast for his new video RESPECT MY CONGLOMERATE - the promo features appearances by hip-hop stars Lil Wayne, Raekwon and Jadakiss, and actors Idris Elba, Tyrese Gibson and CSI: MIAMI star Adam Rodriguez.

22nd February 2009

Quote: "Everyone had the respect of rap god Hova (Jay-Z), the greatest living rapper." Kanye West admits he and fellow hip-hop stars T.I. and Lil Wayne stepped their games up being in the presence of living rap legend JAY-Z when they performed their hit collaboration SWAGGA LIKE US at the Grammy Awards (08Feb09).

6th February 2009

Quote: "I mean, you know, we all are considerably busy. We all have different things going on. You can't really get Kanye out of Paris. You can't get Jay off a boat. And you can't get Wayne off that bus." Rap superstar T.I. explains the difficulties of gathering his SWAGGA LIKE US collaborators JAY-Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne together to perform the track. The foursome will come together to play the song at the Grammy Awards on Sunday (08Feb09).

5th February 2009

Quote: "I work very, very hard... And hard work pays off. If you work that hard, youre going to get good, and good turns to great, and hopefully Im the definition of that." Eight-time Grammy Award nominee Lil Wayne.

29th January 2009

Quote: "I'll give one to my mom. She has shih tzus running around, but she'll put it in a nice spot so it won't get harmed." Lil Wayne is already planning what he'll do with any Grammy Awards he wins next month (08Feb09).

26th January 2009

Fact: Hip-hop star Lil Wayne's first rock offering will be titled REBIRTH, his publicist has confirmed. The project will hit stores in April (09).

26th January 2009

Quote: "I couldn't recite any rap. I can barely recite (Lil Wayne's) A MILLI and I've heard that a lot..." Hip-hop superstar Kanye West can never remember the lyrics to any songs but his own.

12th January 2009

Quote: "I ain't rapping no more. I'm singing... I'm about to get some dance moves. I gonna get CHRIS (BROWN) to teach me some s**t. Nah, I'm f**kin' with y'all. I'm keeping it coming." Rapper Lil Wayne jokes about hanging up his microphone.

15th September 2008

Quote: "No. I'm not registered. I don't think I'm registered. I wish I could. I don't wanna use it as an excuse or nothing." Rapper Lil Wayne won't be voting in the upcoming U.S. Presidential elections in November (08).

28th August 2008

Fact: U.S. Olympic Gold medal winner MICHAEL PHELPS will join rapper Lil Wayne to host the season premiere of America's Saturday Night Live TV show on 13 September (08).

20th August 2008

Fact: Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has been given a hip-hop makeover to look like his favourite rapper Lil Wayne for the September (08) issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine. Giorgio Armani also took part in the fantasy shoot, posing as Fred Astaire, while Michael Kors depicted James Stewart in Alfred Hitchcock's thriller Rear Window.

7th August 2008

Quote: "How is Soulja Boy killing hip-hop? He had one of the biggest songs of the summer. If anything, he's helping keep it alive. You don't have to be Lil Wayne in order for people to say your s**t is fresh." Rapper Kanye West defends critics of the CRANK THAT (SOULJA BOY) hitmaker.

30th July 2008

Quote: "I lost. There's, like, a five per cent chance now. Wayne is definitely on top of his game right now. He might win. He has the flavour." R+B star Chris Brown is convinced he will lose out on winning the Best Male Video gong at this year's (08) MTV Video Music Awards to fellow nominee Lil Wayne. Brown's song WITH YOU will compete against the rapper's chart smash LOLLIPOP at the September (08) ceremony.

24th June 2008

Fact: Pete Wentz has presented Lil Wayne with a Fender bass guitar to mark the rapper's recent album chart feat - Lil Wayne became the first artist to score first-week album sales of over one million when his THA CARTER III debuted at number one in America last week (18Jun08).

14th May 2008

Quote: "If you only gonna be in there a few days, even if it's a whole week, don't eat. Who wanna s**t in front of anyone? Everyone gonna smell you. Some n**gas in there don't care, but me, I'm a hygenical (sic) n**ga." Rapper Lil Wayne has learned valuable lessons from his time in jail cells.

2nd May 2008

Fact: Chart-topping rapper Lil Wayne will play a basketball star in Oscar winner Forest Whitaker's new film THE PATRIOTS.

9th May 2006

Quote: "Everybody is always sending me something, and I never say no. I make sure the price is reasonable. If they can't do it, we gonna work something out. I am the Kobe Bryant of hip-hop. I'm gonna get my 81 points this year." Rapper Lil Wayne isn't shy about his musical achievements.

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