So, um, is everything alright with Lil Wayne? His actions on Thursday night would suggest otherwise. TMZ reports that Weezy was playing a gig at Nova Southeastern University, when he allegedly threw the mic and stormed off stage, just 7 songs into the set. But what set him off is even more curious – apparently, the DJ played that O. T. Genasis song – you know, the one that’s definitely not about coconut or baking soda.

Lil Wayne
Weezy just has a lot of emotions.

See, Weezy sampled the track to use for his own dissing Cash Money purposes. Apparently the DJ got the tracks wrong. So when Lil Wayne heard O. T. Genasis rapping over what was supposed to be a clean track, he naturally got a little upset.

And by “a little bit upset” I mean he refused to play the rest of the show. According to TMZ, the crowd was none too pleased about that. Unfortunately, it’s one of the things you have to deal with when you sign up to watch Weezy, Kanye, Rihanna, Miley, just any performer, it seems.

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It’s just the latest in a series of slipups for the rapper, who has recently been involved in a few weird incidents, like the time he was the victim of a call girl prank or that time someone prank called the police, claiming they had shot four people at the rapper’s house. It could put anyone a little on edge.