Despite Lil Wayne's two albums proclaiming "I Am Not A Human Being" (part two to be released this December) he has unfortunately proven himself to be distinctly mortal after reportedly suffered two seizures within 24 hours. 

While flying on his private jet from Texas to LAX, the flight was forced make a diversion and make an emergency landing in Louisiana, according to TMZ. Within just ten minutes of landing he was treated by paramedics and rushed to a nearby medical centre. The pilot initially reported that Lil Wayne was suffering with 'seizure like symptoms' but the rapper's rep later attempted to quash those rumours, stating that he was simply suffering from dehydration and a migraine. "He is at home on doctor mandated rest" he said.  "[He] will return to work soon. He appreciates all of his fans for their support and love." 

However, in distinct contrast to the rep's statement, there were later reports of a second seizure while in hospital. TMZ also report further contradicting statements from sources close to Lil Wayne who confirm him to be at the hospital, in contrast to the rep's claims who said he had been released hours earlier. Both reports, however, confirm that whether Lil Wayne suffered seizures or just a severe migraine he is now recovering at home. For his own sake we at ContactMusic hope the Rebirth rapper to make a full recovery asap, and we look forward to his upcoming album I Am Not A Human Being II set for release on December 11th 2012.