Lil Wayne's music was always being leaked through CDs he left in his car.

The rapper detected the source of where his music was being released from - and tracked it down to when he would leave CDs in his car at the car wash.

Speaking on Young Money radio, he said: ''When you find out how it actually got leaked out, it was always for me it was always getting my cars washed, with the CD being left in the player. That's how it always happened, bro, to me or a valet guy or something. You know when the valet got to get in the car and they 'bout to go park it and they hear what's playing and they be like oh what's this.''

Meanwhile, during the interview, the rapper confessed he would love to work with Drake - who was also on the show - more and explained a little bit about how they go about their collaborations.

He said: ''Let me explain to the people. Let me explain to the people though. Now, something about me and Drizzy songs that we do together, we are both perfectionists. So, it's not like, you send me a joint, I'm going to throw a verse on there and ...

''We got a standard we got to live up to and we got a track record and a legacy we got to always protect. And then on top of that, it's like we have this thing where it's like, well, if I'm a send you a joint and I'm going to go first, first of all, I already know, it's like, all right, I know this man's about to go crazy on me. And I feel like it's like ... These are moments where we truly -''

Before Drake added: ''In rap there's no score to define a winner or there's no championship game. So, these are the moments of competition that we truly enjoy.''