Lil’ Wayne has been hard at work promoting his latest album Not a Human Being II and the fourth single – RAF – just had its video released this week.

So far, the video has only been released on Weezy's Vevo, but it's bound to flood the interwebs in due time. In typical fashion, the lyrics of RAF (or Rich as F--- if you want to break down the acronym) are all about money, women and how Lil’ Wayne is the best human… err… non-human being to walk the earth. However, the video itself is a definite departure from Weezy’s usual style. And why not? The rapper certainly has the money to invest in a massive production, so why not put that cash to good use and experiment a little.

The Parris-directed video opens to a deserted scene, with a woman in red walking across, before we come to Lil’ Wayne and the video really kicks in. The visual landscape is overall emptier than we’re used to seeing in Weezy’s vids, but it works here. And, of course, when the rapper cuts in, you either love it or… well, don’t really care about it: Never talk to the cops, I don't speak Pig Latin/ I turned a penny to a mother---in' Janet Jackson," he spits, in his typical gear of dreads, sunglasses (even at night, yes) and skateboard.

Lil Wayne, North Carolina
The video for RAF might be a bit of an experiment, but it's all still Lil Wayne, through and through. 

Weezy’s rap partner, 2 Chainz, comes in later in the song to deliver a solid hook, before the video ends with Lil’ Wayne speeding away in a sports car – with one of his “bad women” of course. Overall, RAF is a song by Lil Wayne and you can guess how it sounds just by knowing that. But the video looks cool enough and anyway, RAF will no doubt make Weezy even richer.