Here at Contactmusic we’re often only waiting for one thing to pop in our news days: some Lil Wayne quotes. Lil Wayne is without doubt one of the most successful hip-hop stars in the game, with three number one US albums and four more top fives to his name. But he’s also one of its biggest oddballs too; from analogies about skateboarding to describe life, to telling police interrogators where to go on video, Weezy is rarely short of a few words or two. Of course, the TMZ-revealed deponent video that came out in September 2012 arguably contains all of his greatest quotes in one short clip, but we also wanted to look around a little deeper, in order to come up with a handful of utterly unforgettable Lil Wayne quotes.

Lil WayneStep inside the mind of Lil Wayne...

"A lot of women don't know how to love because there's deep reasons for them not knowing how to love. And what I mean by deep reasons is deep and dark reasons.” – July 2011

We think that what Wayne was trying to explain here were the themes behind his 2011 single ‘How To Love’ from album Carter IV to MTV. What he did instead was manage to tell most of an entire gender that they were incapable of love. Sorry, what?

“Life is a lot like skateboarding. The first few times you try kickflipping, you’ll fall. But you’ll always get back up.” – March 2012

Entertainment Weekly were present at Wayne’s SXSW show in March last year where he dropped this nugget. It's been well documented that the rapper does love to portray himself as a skater, but we think he must’ve taken a few face plants before coming up with this corny life analogy.

Lil Wayne Skating Half PipeNo one's denying Lil Wayne loves skating; but applying the lessons of the half-pipe to life? There might have been another pipe he was on

“It’s something out of your ass.” – September 2012

From Wayne’s famous deposition video posted by TMZ last year. The star's asked “Isn’t it something that you’d remember if your album The Carter III was album of the year in 2008?” Which sounds pretty clear to us; however the uncooperative rapper struggled, or was unwilling, to make sense of what he was being asked, so instead played the hostility card, shooting back this succinct quote.

“You know he can’t save you right, he can’t save you in the real world. Just so you know.” – September 2012

And it only got worse as things went on, as the Lil guy opted that the best way to talk your way out of this awkward silence was to threaten the lawyer who was questioning. The ridiculous thing? Wayne was the one who’d brought about the questioning, after suing Quincy Jones III over a documentary about him. This was Jones’ lawyer Pete Ross interrogating him admittedly, but surely Wayne knew this exchange was going to go down at some point?

Lil Wayne Pink Friday Tour

Lil Wayne loving in life on stage in 2012; maybe he is just misunderstood?

 “Hate is only a form love that hasn’t found a way to express itself logically.” – April 2010

 But it’s lines like this which make us realize why people warm to Lil Wayne so much; even when he’s at his most arrogant and warped, you always get the sense that somewhere beneath the ego there’s a man fighting for happiness and positivity. These sage words are nothing short of uplifting… um, it’s just a shame they were posted on his official website whilst he was sitting out an eight month prison sentence for possessing an illegal weapon. Read more Lil Wayne news.