For many, Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to dive into a huge meal guilt free; it's one of the best things about the holiday, that and the Thanksgiving Day Parade, but for Lil Wayne, it'll just be a small portion of turkey, thank you very much.

"Honestly, I'm not a big food Dude," Lil Wayne told Sway Calloway during his MTV First interview. "I don't eat a lot. I'm one of them people that my momma always said must just have a small stomach. I get full quick and I'm really full. I don't need to eat no more that day and nothing like that. But I'm like everybody else, I enjoy Thanksgiving. But what I meant by that is, I don't have a favorite 'such and such food' and or nothing like that. I just always eat my Mom's Thanksgiving meals. Every year. You know Mom's is a chef. She's a real chef." He might not indudge in helping after helping of Turkey, but he and his Cash Money Records colleagues certainly help others to do so, with their annual turkey giveaway truly embracing the holiday spirit. "I've heard so many crazy numbers that I don't know which true, but I know that they give out a lot of turkeys, a lot of turkeys," Weezy said. "And as far as how many... they've given so many cuz they've been doing it for years. And it's a great thing. People look forward to it and it's there for 'em every year. And it's almost like they never run out. Everybody leave satisfied."

It's not just the food that brings everyone together, and Lil Wayne looks forward to trekking back to New Orleans from whatever part of the globe he's in to reconnect with friends and family. And that's what it's all about.