For the second time this week, Lil’ Wayne has graced the stages in his hometown of New Orleans – this time at the GQ Super Bowl Party on Saturday, MTV reports.

This time round the set was scaled back quite a bit, having to fit in a half hour slot, but Weezy didn’t fail to deliver nonetheless. He went through some of his most popular tracks like 'John' (as the show opener) 'She Will,' 'Blunt Blowin' and 'No Worries.' The intimate setting and short setlist also had the benefit of putting him closer to the audience, though with an A-list crowd like the one attending the GQ shindig, it probably wasn’t that much of a surprise. Some of the attendees at the party included stars like David Arquette, Kate Upton, Victor Cruz, Terrell Owens, Hayden Panettiere and Terry Crews, so this certainly wasn’t a gig for mere plebians.

During the show the rapper of course didn’t miss thanking God, and, naturally, plugging his upcoming album, which is due to drop sometime next month apparently. Of course, he thanked his high profile fans too, before finishing up the solid performance. Unfortunately, that concludes Lil Wayne’s performances during Super Bowl week, but we all still have the Beyonce half time show to look forward to!