We’re pretty sure that Lil Wayne’s going to regret getting a tattoo with the word ‘Baked’ inscribed on his head. We also think that that’s the exact the state that the rapper was in when he decided to get it done. That’s right, one of the more bizarre tattoos we’ve seen in recent times now belongs to Weezy after he went and put up a picture of his new etching, written slap bang on the top right of his forehead.

In fairness to Lil Wayne, he does have a few tattoos on his face, but none are quite as prominent as this one. The rapper who – lest we ever forget – really loves his skateboarding, evidently decided to make his love explicit; ‘Baked’ has been done in the style of the logo of skateboarding company Baker Skateboards. Because he just loves skateboarding. So much. Don’t you ever forget it.

Just as well then that the movie that he’s rumored to be appearing in soon is an animation, and so his mug wouldn’t be making an appearance. Both Examiner and FilmDates are claiming that the star is to be one of the voice actors for new Pixar dinosaur movie The Good Dinosaur, though this is something that hasn’t been confirmed anywhere yet.