Talk about doing court wrong. Lil Wayne thought he had a pretty strong case when he took Quincy Jones III to the law system over a documentary made about him in 2009 which portrayed the Young Money boss in what he believed to be a misrepresentative light.

Well, Wayne didn’t do himself much favor by mocking officials questions and mocking proceedings in the disposition he recorded. He didn’t turn up to the court hearing either, after suffering seizure-like effects on a flight. Thus, TMZ are reporting that the rapper not only lost the case, but he also lost the countersuit that Jones III had thrown back at him. What does that mean? He’s coughing up a hefty payment to the tune of $2.2 million.

In fairness to Weezy, there was precious little he could do about the incident on his private planed that forced the craft to emergency land so that he could receive treatment. But his actions in his recorded disposition? Well, he was never going to be taken seriously after that surely. You can judge for yourself below, but for us it seems like Lil Wayne has just become LOL Wayne.