Lil Wayne has lost his case against Quincy Jones III, and in a counter suit he'll be ordered to pay $2.195m, according to TMZ.

Rapper Lil Wayne sued Quincy earlier this year due to the use of unlicensed music for a documentary. However, as the case reached court over the past couple of weeks, without Weezy being able to make it to the proceedings due to 'seizure like symptoms' and 'migraines', the outcome is not good for the heavily tattooed star.

Because Lil Wayne couldn't make it to court his lawyer was forced to exhibit the musician's 'deposition', which is simply a video tape of him answering questions that are pertinent to the case. Or, rather, that's what's supposed to happen. The video sees him not answering questions and generally ridiculing the whole proceeding. Tut. The law is serious! Anyway, Quincy's counter suit argues that Wayne's original lawsuit have meant the documentary was pushed right back and has disrupted release plans which have consequently been detrimental to profits. True. 

Oh Lil Wayne. Good job his new album is coming out soon. Revenue from that should probably pay his legal fees and the court mandated payment to Quincy. The album will be called I Am Not A Human Being II and set to be released later this year.