There's not much of his body that isn't used like the school book of a bored student but his face had been left largely clear. Increasingly though Lil Wayne is being forced to use his face as the canvas, which he has done with a new tattoo that saying 'BAKED' on his forehead.

'Baked' refers to the Baker skateboard brand. Skateboarding is a sport that Lil Weezy has expressed his love for recently, stating that Tha Carter V would be his last album and that he'd like to get into skateboarding as a business, telling MTV at the time "Rap is a taking backseat to skating." 

On his face he also has tears tattooed, as well as words across his eyelids that say 'Fear' and 'God' in cursive, plus 'I AM MUSIC' above one of his eyebrows. His torso is also littered with calligraphy, including the words 'Life's a gamble', 'Cash Money' and 'M.O.B'. Plus, on his back he has the lyrics of his track 'Let Us Pray', it reads: "Give me the patience that I need to keep my peace of mind, and with life's cares, I hope dear God, some happiness to find, let me live but for today, not worrying what's ahead, for I have trust that you will see I get my daily bread, give me the courage to face life's trials and not from troubles run, and let me keep this thought in mind 'Thy will, not mine, be done.'"

Clearly, his latest tattoo doesn't hold quite the same spiritual resonance.