Bosses at Pyrotek Special Effects Inc. sued the Lollipop star, real name Dwayne Carter, Jr., earlier this year (15), accusing him of failing to pay $86,000 (£53,750) for services they rendered to create a variety of custom flame effects, including a flaming microphone stand, for a series of gigs between July and September, 2013.

In August (15), documents were filed stating the parties had reached a settlement, but executives at the company are now heading back to court claiming the rapper has not held up to the terms of the agreement. According to, the rapper agreed to pay 86,410 (£54,000) in four installments of $21,600 (£13,500) and the judge also ruled if he defaulted he would have to pay $7,300 (£4,560) in interest. However, if he met his obligations by paying the full amount by December (15), the case would be dismissed.

Recently, bosses at the company filed legal documents, alleging Carter, Jr. missed his first payment in September (15) and has since defaulted on the whole settlement and they are asking a judge to order him to pay 96,000 (£60,000) for the amount owed plus interest. A judge has yet to rule on their request.