Lil Wayne retiring; that's not something we expected to hear, especially considering the prolific rapper is a mere 30 years of age - a veritable baby in the world of music - but it's been said by the man himself, he'll retire after Tha Carter V.

Talking to MTV about carrying on in the game, and maybe renaming his upcoming title to 'fit the mood', Weezy explained, "Because I know y'all want me around for a little bit, and Carter V is my last album," before he went on to explain why he's hanging up his chains after Tha Carter V. "Man, I've been rappin' since I was 8 years old. I'm 30 now, man. That's a long time, man," said Wayne, "I signed my contract at 11, I went platinum at 14. I'm 30 now. Thank God I haven't put out an album that hasn't went platinum," he said. "To just keep it goin' like that, I think not only am I being greedy, I'm fooling myself to think that it will continue to be that great."

So will Lil Wayne attempt to fade into a life of sports punditry and skating? Well that's what he reckons, but perhaps the lure of making even more money will pull him back into making records. Jay-Z has had plenty of 'last albums', as he continually re-invents himself, often with his equally talented wife, Beyonce.