After terrifying friends, family and fans alike with reports of suffering seizures while flying from Texas to Las Vegas, Lil' Wayne has assured everyone that he's a-okay, tweeting "Thanx for all the Prayers! I am good". 

His fans are continuing to send their love, support and prayers for the Rebirth rapper's swift recovery. Tweets from fans were wide ranging. One follower said "hope you feel better brother make a quick recovery". Another of his followers was a little more cryptic in his message to him "steady on that lean - easy on them bars". And another fan's admiration was clear: "I think I would definitely stop listening to music if something serious happened to u and I mean that!! #YMCMB".

At least his fans now know that he's a-okay, and hopefully his health is on the up. Plus, TMZ report that he's being well cared for by his Mum at her home in Louisiana, having been told that he shouldn't fly for the next few days. And we all know that TLC is often the best treatment. Wayne is currently mid-court proceedings as he has sued Quincy Jones III for a documentary made about him. His seizures have meant that he's been forced to miss a court date. The court will find out on Monday about his condition and when he'll be able to testify. For now we advise plenty of family time, home comforts and a load of R&R. All the best from ContactMusic!