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Paris Hilton Recording Her First New Album In 7 Years...With Lil Wayne?

Paris Hilton David Bowie Justin Timberlake Daft Punk Lil Wayne

There have been plenty of music comebacks this year, from David Bowie to Justin Timberlake to Daft Punk. But we all know the one you’ve really been waiting for, don’t we? It’s Paris Hilton of course! Tragically MIA from the music industry since her 2006 debut LP Paris (which, we were shocked to re-discover, went to number six on the Billboard charts and sold around 200,000 copies in the States,) she’s confirmed that she’s back in the music making game! And has signed a record deal with, um, a hip hop label!

Showbiz411 first reported the story, Paris is apparently already recording her second album and is putting it out on the world famous rap label CashMoney! And Lil Wayne’s possibly going to be one it! So does that mean that the multi-millionaire heiress is going to be spitting some mad rhymes on her forthcoming material? Not quite, though she insists that it will be a markedly different sound from her previous record. We can’t remember what her previous sound was, so we’re just going to nod blindly in agreement with her.

“This is a lot different than my first album,” Paris Showbiz 411. “It’s really going to be house music.” Sounds great! Perhaps. Ever the business woman, Hilton also revealed she was back at work on her fragrance ranges. “I’m getting ready to launch my 17th perfume,” she said. “And I’m also starting the Paris Hilton Foundation for children’s causes.”

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French Montana Manages To Snag Most Of His Guest-Spots On Album For Free

French Montana Lil Wayne Sean Combs Rick Ross

Rapper French Montana managed to get every guest spot on his new album, bar one, completely free; with the Morocco/Bronx hip hop star revealing in a recent interview that only Max B sent him a bill for his services. He told RapFix that despite amassing the help for so many people, all were willing to help him out free of charge. Although the rapper might be kicking himself soon, if it turns out they all forgot and his proclamation reminds them to send him a bill.

On Wednesday (May 22), the rapper told RapFix Live that his friend and current prison inmate Max B was the only person who wanted to be paid for an appearance on the debut album, Excuse My French, although whether the B gets to spend the money (he's currently serving a 75 year sentence) is another matter. French said, "The only person I paid was Max B. That's about it."

French Montana
French Montana's new album will be out this summer

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Is Paris Hilton About To Sign Up With Lil Wayne's Cash Money Crew?

Paris Hilton Lil Wayne Cash Money Drake Nicki Minaj

Paris Hilton looks to have her career path mapped out for the next few years, as the heiress is apparently in talks with Cash Money, the gratuitous record label/franchise run by Lil Wayne. The heiress told Showbiz 411 that she is lining up a move into the chain that includes Drake and Nicki Minaj as well as Weezy.

Following her stand-out role in the video for 'Tapout', the track from the Birdman, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Future and Mack Maine collective Rich Gang, it seems as though Wayne's keen business acumen has made sure her talents didn't go unnoticed. Paris has also been spotted partying with the Cash Money crew on a number of occasions, even inviting Wayne to her recent birthday bash.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton is going to be back making music!

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Smurfs 2: I'm Too Smurfy - Clip

The Smurfs are back in a brilliant movie sequel that sees them take on evil magician Gargamel for a second time as he makes another attempt at harnessing the blue power of the Smurf people. This time, he has successfully created a group of similar creatures called Naughties, which he has plans to use to lure the impressionable Smurfette to him in order to finally win their potent magic. Aware of the kidnapping, the rest of the Smurfs band together on a rescue mission alongside their human acquaintances Patrick and Grace Winslow who agree to help them get to Smurfette and convince her that she belongs at home.

Right Said Fred, the nineties duo responsible for the number one 1991 hit 'I'm Too Sexy', has got involved in the promotions for the new film, marking the celebrations of Global Smurfs Day on June 22nd 2013, the day after 'The Smurfs 2' is released on the 21st. They have recorded a brand new track called 'I'm Too Smurfy', which isn't too dissimilar from their debut hit as you'd imagine, in a video featuring people in Smurf costumes getting funky and the duo painting their faces blue in honour of the Smurfs' return.

Lil Wayne The Latest Rapper To Be Dropped By Mountain Dew Following Derogatory 'Karate Chop' Lyrics

Lil Wayne Tyler The Creator

Lil Wayne will no longer serve as a spokesperson for Mountain Dew following the controversy surrounding a line in his song 'Karate Chop,' which was released in February. In the song he eloquently discusses the merits of rough sex, comparing it to the murder of Emmett Till.

"Pop a lot of pain pills, 'bout to put rims on my skateboard wheels ... beat that p***y up like Emmett Till." - No that isn't the Facebook status of a fourteen-year-old, sexually frustrated boy, but the line that landed Weezy, 30, in trouble and cost him his partnership with Mountain Dew - TMZ first reported. The drinks brand, owned by PepsiCo, have since severed all ties with the 'rapper', although it is unknown whether the existing commercials featuring Wayne will continue to air (they probably wont).

Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne was rightly dropped by the drinks company.

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The Vinny Show: Rapper Lil Wayne (May Or May Not Be) Engaged

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is engaged! Or he might be just messing with everyone. After what could be called a pretty downer week – suffering another seizure and offending the family of Emmett Till in one of his songs – Weezy might finally have some good news to share with the word. Actually, he may have already shared them, though with no official statement, there is the tiny possibility that he’s pulling everyone’s leg. It’s not unlike Weezy to have a laugh with his fans.

According to a report from Sky News, the rapper “accidentally” blurted out the news of his relationship status in the trailer for Vinny Guadagnino’s upcoming reality show The Show With Vinny. You’ll notice the quote marks around the word accidentally, because this wouldn’t be the first time Weezy has fooled everyone about his relationship with Dhea Sodano. The couple have been together for two years and on Valentine’s Day this year, Lil Wayne tweeted: 'She said yes!' before adding: 'Ohhhhhhh now I see why! I meant 'she said yes' to being my valentine!!! Hahahahahahaha! Y'all krazy (sic).'

Yes, the rapper is a bit of a prankster when it comes to his beloved, but now everybody just wants to know, are they or aren’t they? Unfortunately, we might have to watch The Show to find out for sure.

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Hospitalized Again: Lil' Wayne Suffers Another Seizure

Lil Wayne

Lil' Wayne has tweeted that he's fine, to reassure worried fans, after he was hospitalized with yet another seizure. TMZ reported that the rapper was taken once again to Cedars-Sinai hospital by his bodyguards on Tuesday night (April 30, 2013). The report states that he suffered a single seizure but was released the following morning, after receiving treatment.

30 year-old Wayne suffered multiple seizures recently and ended up in an ICU unit at Cedars-Sinai, where a number of his celebrity pals - including Nicki Minaj - visited him in hospital to wish him well. There were conflicting reports at the time regarding just how ill he was, though has business colleagues and label mates were keen to convey that he was doing just fine. Wayne himself has since been speaking on the radio about his epilepsy, explaining that he has suffered from seizures since he was a child. Speaking on Power 106 Los Angeles, he explained. "I'm epileptic; I'm prone to seizures. I've had a bunch of seizures, y'all just never hear about them but this time it got real bad because I had three of them in a row and on the third one my heart rate went down to 30%."

He admitted "I could have died" and revealed that stress and lack of rest triggers the seizures. "Overworking myself," he admitted, was the root of the problem. Following this most recent seizure, he tweeted "I'm fine. Thank u," to make sure his fans weren't worrying too much about him.

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Lil Wayne Suffers Further Seizure – Hospitalized Again

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne just can’t escape these seizures. He spent a week in the Intensive Care Unit back in March after suffering multiple severe seizures that nearly killed him, and now he’s been admitted again for a further one, but has tweeted since to confirm he’s okay.

Wheezy checked in to to Los Angeles radio station Power 106 after his release and told DJ Felli Fel about his troubles. "The thing is, man, the bad news is, I'm an epileptic, so I'm prone to seizures," he explained. "This isn't my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh seizure. I've had a bunch of seizures; y'all just never hear about it. This time it got real bad because I got three of 'em in a row, and on the third one, my heart rate went down to, like, 30 percent. Basically, I could've died soon. That's why it was so serious. The reason being for the seizures is just plain stress, no rest and overworking myself. That's typical me, though." But to really prove you’re okay, you need to tweet. That’s what celebs do, and that’s what Lil Wayne has done. "I'm fine. Thank u," he posted at 11:23 a.m. on Wednesday.

Lil WayneLil Wayne watches Los Angeles Lakers play the San Antonio Spurs

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Lil Wayne Finally Offers Apology Over Emmett Till Remarks

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has finally come out and spoken with regret about his much controversial jibe at Emmett Till that he made in an unofficial version of the song Karate Chop remixed by Future. The line was targeting Till, who was brutally mutilated and murdered aged just 14 in 1955, for allegedly whistling at a white woman. His death was a huge spark in the equal rights movement by black Americans in the mid-20th century and Wayne’s lyrics have been met with widespread condemnation from Till’s family and many others besides.

Now the rapper has finally come out and made an apology to the family of Till in an open letter. “As a father myself, I cannot imagine the pain that your family has had to endure” he wrote. “I would like to take a moment to acknowledge your hurt, as well as the letter you sent to me via your attorneys.” Saying that he’d never reference Emmett Till in his music again and said he’d never perform the lyrics he’d written that had caused the outrage.

Lil Wayne finished his letter by writing “I have tremendous respect for those who paved the way for the liberty and opportunities that African-Americans currently enjoy. As a business owner who employs several African-American employees and gives philanthropically to organizations that help youth to pursue their dreams my ultimate intention is to uplift rather than degrade our community.” It’s about time.

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The Smurfs 2 Trailer

The Smurfs return following a harrowing experience lost in New York while being pursued by the evil wannabe wizard Gargamel in 'The Smurfs'. Their plight is not over, however, as Gargamel will stop at nothing to harness the power of the blue creatures. Currently an icon of sorcery in Paris, he creates two Smurf-like creatures called Naughties who he uses to tempt the impressionable Smurfette in a life of mischief as she holds the valuable secret of the spell to turn the Naughties into real Smurfs. After she is kidnapped, her family and friends embark on a mission to save her, whether she wants to be or not, and enlists the help of their human friends Patrick and Grace Winslow to take down Gargamel once and for all and lead Smurfette back on the straight and narrow.

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Steamy Scenes For Lil' Wayne And Nicki Minaj In 'High School' (Video)

Nicki Minaj Lil Wayne

This could well be a contender for ‘most misleading song title of the year,’ because the scenes contained herein are far from looking like any high school that any of us here at Contactmusic have ever set foot in. In fact, you only have to wait a little under 30 seconds before you have an eyeful of Nicki Minaj’s ample buttocks. more like two eyefuls, in fact. We learnt a lot at high school but instantly, this video has taught us much about neon pink swim suits and Nicki Minaj’s butt cheeks than we ever realised we needed to know.

Watch the video for 'High School'

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Lil Wayne - I Am Not A Human Being II Album Review

Lil' Wayne's back with studio album number whatever and it's exactly the kind of sonically-predictable, intellectually-debased, single-minded chunk of culturally-razed mainstream hip-hop that you may have come to expect from Lil' Wayne. The 30 year-old rapper with a successful career in his back pocket has, over time, honed his interests down to two major topics: 1. His own penis and 2. women's vaginas. As you may well expect, this leads to a fairly limiting - and pretty brutal - listening experience for anyone that can actually see past their own genitalia.

Lil' Wayne - I Am Not A Human Being II Album Review

The opening track, IANAHB, starts with a bold, emotive piano lament; it's dramatic, fierce and moving. It's beautiful, in a strangely aggressive way. High hopes then, for the next 15 tracks. Instantly: HOPES SHATTERED, for there comes the open mouth of Lil' Wayne, vile imagery dribbling forth uncontrollably as he vomits up the first thing that comes into his low-rent mind, with little thought of the kind of image he might be portraying of himself. "I'm in the crib," he starts. That's ok, he's in the crib, that's promising, right? "Butt naked bitch," he continues. Heart sinks. No time to pause to consider. "She says my dick could be the next black president." OH. That's where we're at. Really? THAT'S where we're at? Listening to a 30 year-old man telling us "I be grindin' on these hos like a half-pipe," hoping that our eyes don't roll all the way out of heads with riled disdain.

Has no one moved on from this? Is mainstream hip-hop suffering some kind of terrifying Peter Pan complex, in which Peter Pan is a snotty-nosed teenager with his hands stuck down the front of his Calvin Kleins, trying to impress his pals with his sexual bragging rights and stopping the weight of his weaponry from pulling his Adidas track-pants down? Talking of weaponry, one of the few tracks in which Lil' Wayne's train of thought actually removes itself from the gusset of some young maiden's lingerie, is 'Gunwalk' (feat. Gudda Gudda, for what it's worth). Herein, Wayne explains what we've all been dying to know all these years (and no, it's not 'how to be the perfect girlfriend,' though he does get to that later on, so just hold tight). why the walk, Wayne? Why the limp? OH, THE LIMP?? Funny you asked. That's his gun walk. Yeah, he walks like that 'cos he's got a gun. The gun makes him walk like that. It's because of the gun that he has. Guns are scary. He's got one. It makes him walk with a limp. The limp is a direct result of the gun. If you didn't know that BEFORE listening to 'Gunwalk,' you sure as well will by the end of it. It's a simple song, with a retarded message. A retarded message that he repeats ad infinitum, to the point that you start to wonder if an MP3 can skip in the same manner that CDs and records do. Still, it's a welcome break from all the pussy chatter.

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Lil Wayne Seizures - Rapper Released From Hospital

Lil Wayne

Six days ago, uncontrollable seizures landed Lil Wayne in hospital, while conflicting reports of his critical condition and possible death circled the media. Now, though, TMZ report that he’s been released from from the ICU to recuperate at home.

The news came just hours after it was reported that his condition had not improved enough to be moved out of the intensive care unit. Weezy took to Twitter to reassure his fans, posting: “I'm good everybody. Thx for the prayers and love,” while the president of the Young Money record label, Mack Maine told everyone: “Wayne is alive and well! We watching the Syracuse game...thanks for the prayers and concern..he will update you all soon.” He added: “We will be releasing an official statement shortly but don't believe the nonsense about comas and tubes to breathe...that's false!!” This weekend, the rapper’s famous buddies came to wish him well at his bedside, with Nicki Minaj, Drake, Chris Paul and Birdman all purchasing grapes, we’re sure. Reports suggest that this was a form of drug overdose, brought on by Wayne’s penchant for Codeine, which is the main ingredient in his drink: ‘Sizzurp’.

Lil Wayne
Recovering - Lil Wayne

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Lil Wayne Expected To Be Released From Hospital Soon

Lil Wayne

Six days after being admitted to hospital for further seizures, Lil Wayne is apparently still healing up in Los Angeles, though Yahoo! claims that the situation isn’t quite as life threatening as TMZ were making out, when they wrote earlier today (March 18, 2013) that he was still in intensive care.

According to an insider who spoke to Yahoo! the rapper is still in hospital but is expected to be released shortly, continuing to say that he was never near death and there was never a prayer circle set up for him. Further to that, a rep for the rapper said "Lil Wayne is doing well, thank you for your concern.”

TMZ had earlier reported a much grimmer scenario, saying that the rapper was under close surveillance from hospital staff and was still in intensive care. Apparently Wayne had received a gamut of visitors too, from Nicki Minaj to Birdman and Drake. It’s believed that this latest seizures has come from Wayne’s use of codeine, with doctors apparently having to pump the star’s stomach three times. This is the second time that Wayne has been in hospital for seizures; last year a flight he was on had to take an emergency landing after the rapper started going into convulsions, causing him to be hospitalized there. He’s had a long history of codeine issues, though recently had suggested he had given up the prescription drug.

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Just How Sick Is Lil' Wayne? Conflicting Reports Over Rapper's Seizures

Lil Wayne Nicki Minaj

Just how ill is Lil’ Wayne? The rapper was admitted to hospital last week after suffering multiple, apparently serious seizures. He was admitted on Tuesday (March 12, 2013) and then reportedly re-admitted to the ICU the following day, after he was discharged but found lying unconscious on the floor, by his bodyguard. Sources at the hospital told TMZ that Lil’ Wayne was in a critical condition, but stabilizing. However, several members of his circle are keen to convince his fans that he’s doing just fine.

Nicki Minaj visited Wayne in hospital on Saturday (March 16, 2013) and took a huge bundle of balloons with her and she’s not the only hip-hop superstar to pop in to Cedars-Sinai hospital to see how he’s doing. Birdman and Drake have also taken some time out to pay the guy a visit and messages have been sent from Lil’ Wayne’s Twitter page to reassure people that he’s doing ok. On Friday, a message was sent out to say “I’m good everybody. Thx for the prayers and love.” Birdman, his label boss tweeted “My son is feelin Good. will be home real soon” and according to The Guardian, denied the reports that Lil Wayne was in an induced coma and breathing through tubes. “Dont believe the nonsense about comas and tubes to breathe … that's false!!" tweeted Young Money president Mack Maine. "Wayne is alive and well!” he’s reported as saying.

There have been no photos of Lil Wayne made available since he was admitted to hospital and conflicting reports of his state of health make it difficult to ascertain just how sick he is. 

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"Don't Believe The Nonsense!" - Lil Wayne Is On The Mend After Seizure Scare

Lil Wayne Nicki Minaj

Lil Wayne's health has been something of a concern over the past few months and though he has suffered more seizures over the past week, and even had a brief stint in hospital, he has used twitter to reassure fans that he's a-okay.

Weezy first missed a court date earlier in the year when he reportedly suffered seizures during a plane journey which forced the aircraft to land early. At the time it was brushed off as 'dehydration', but since the rapper suffered further seizures in a considerably more public sphere - the set of a Nicki Minaj video - there's no way of him putting this latest health scare down to lack of fluids. 

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Lil Wayne Hospitalized As Seizures Return

Lil Wayne

Less than a year after he was initially reported as suffering from seizures, Lil Wayne's hospitalized again. He has been taken back to the medics amid fresh reports that he’s once again suffered an attack.

You might recall that, last year, a flight that the rapper was on had to be grounded after Weezy started suffering several seizures. At the time of the seizures, the MC was flying from Texas to Los Angeles. However when he began to convulse it forced the plane's staff to act and execute an emergency landing in Louisiana, whereupon the star was subsequently taken to a nearby by hospital. After that, he admitted that he had been taking anti-seizure drugs. It doesn’t look like they’ve worked too well though; either that or the issue is something far more serious than first thought.

According to TMZ, Wayne suffered new seizures on Tuesday night (March 12, 2013) after shooting a music video in Los Angeles, and was subsequently taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital. Weezy was released several hours later, early on Wednesday morning, and is apparently doing much better now. There has been no comment from the rapper or anyone in his camp. These are worrying times for the star though, given that his new album I Am Not A Human Being II is out on March 26, 2013, which should mean all-manner of promotional work surrounding it. Right now though the focus has to be on working out what’s wrong.

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Seizures Land Lil' Wayne In Hospital, Once Again

Lil Wayne

The latest celebrity to come down with a mysterious ailment has been none other than Lil' Wayne. After experiencing another bout of seizures (Lil' Wayne has been struggling with the symptom in the past), the rapper was rushed to the Cedars-Sinai hospital on Tuesday.

Weezy was released quickly - he was out of the hospital on Wednesday, but this might be a troubling sign. He has experienced seizures on two separate occasions in the past, both last year and both while flying. The rapper is already on medication for the problem, according to NY Daily News.

Maybe that curious celebrity ailment, exhaustion, was to blame here? Luckily, this latest bout was resolved pretty quickly and didn't get in the way of his preparation for the upcoming summer tour. There has been no official comment on the health troubles by either Weezy or his reps. However, the rapper's manager Cortez Bryant responded to the fan question of whether Lil' Wayne would still be touring this summer, by saying "of course he is, July!"

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Lil Wayne In Hospital Again After More Seizures

Lil Wayne

Troubling news for Lil Wayne fans; it’s been revealed that the rapper has once again been hospitalized after suffering seizures.

Some of you may recall that a flight containing the rapper had to be grounded last year after Weezy suffered several seizures. At that instant, the MC was on a plane from Texas to Los Angeles when he began to convulse. This forced the plane to emergency land in Louisiana and the star was taken to a nearby by hospital where he was later released. After that, he admitted that he had been taking anti-seizure drugs. However, in light of this latest news you wonder if a) he’s stopped taking those or b) it’s something far more serious than thought.

Sources have told TMZ that Wayne suffered these new seizures on Tuesday night (March 12, 2013) after shooting a music video in Los Angeles, and was subsequently taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital. Weezy was released several hours later, early on Wednesday morning and is reportedly doing much better now. More details are sketchy as thus far he’s refused to comment on the news. Obviously these are supposed to be busy times for Lil Wayne, with the star having his new album I Am Not A Human Being II out on March 26, 2013, which normally heralds a busy schedule after it. However it would appear his health is of more tantamount importance right now.

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Pitbull Attempt To Start Lil Wayne Beef Snuffed Out

Lil Wayne

Rap beef! Well, not really, despite Pitbull’s best efforts. The rapper has been on the offensive towards Lil Wayne on a new track, dissing the rapper after he in turn had taken a pop at NBA team the Miami Heat and its player, including claiming that he’d slept with baller Chris Bosh’s wife.

Quite why Pitbull felt the need to get involved we’re not sure – apart from the fact he’s from Miami – but in a track that appeared on Youtube he decided to stick his oar in anyway. "I'm self-made, I'm self-paid / I grew up with no daddy, I'm from Miami-Dade," raps Pitbull on the chorus of Baauer's viral hit 'Harlem Shakes'. "It's a deposition / Watch what you speak / Who's the definition of Miami? Me / I move cultures, don't believe me? / Watch and see.”

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"I F*cked Chris Bosh Wife": Lil Wayne On Alleged NBA Miami Heat Tirade In Houston

Lil Wayne

Just last week we brought you some of the best Lil Wayne quotes, however clearly it’s a piece that could be added to forever and yet still always need to be revised. We say this because Wayne was at his ranting early this morning (February 18, 2013) as he tore into NBA players, specifically those who play for Miami Heat, even more specifically Chris Bosh.

The reports of Wayne’s outburst came through on Twitter, where many people were watching him play Stereo Live in Houston. This weekend just gone was the NBA All-Star weekend, and Weezy evidently had a problem with the ballers. found some of the tweets, which seemed to largely come from two people. “Wayne leading "f*ck the NBA" and "f*ck The Miami Heat" chants. "Fuck LeBron, f*ck 'she wade!!'" read one, whilst another apparently quoted Wayne saying "’The NBA banned me from all NBA events... Becaus the Miami Heat told them to ban me.’"

Chris Bosh was singled out for criticism too, with LeBron James and Dwayne Wade also apparently under fire. “’F*ck the heat, f*ck Lebron, f*ck shewayde and I f*cked Chris Bosh wife’ – Weezy” read another tweet by someone in attendance. If true, the incident stems from when Miami Heat allegedly threw Wayne out of a building during last week’s warm-up match with the LA Lakers.

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Lil Wayne Angers Emmett Till’s Family With Song Reference

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is unflinching in his lyrics, but this time he may have taken it too far in Future's "Karate Chop" remix, which Weezy says he’s going to “pop a pill” and then “beat that pussy like Emmett Till.”

Of course, and understandably, Till’s family aren’t happy with the reference to his death as a sexual act. "So to compare a woman's anatomy - the gateway of life - to the ugly face of death, it just destroyed me,” explained Till’s cousin, Airickca Gordon-Taylor in an interview with the Associated Press. “And then I had to call the elders in my family and explain to them before they heard it from some other source." Epic – the record company – behind the artist - released a statement apologizing for the ill-considered lyric. “We regret the unauthorized remix version of Future's 'Karate Chop,' which was leaked online and contained hurtful lyrics," it said. They are now making “great efforts” to get the song off the Internet.

Lil Wayne performing live on the Nicki Minaj Tour at James L Knight Center Miami, Florida

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Lil Wayne Quotes: Five Lines That Makes Us Wonder If We'll Ever Truly Understand Weezy

Lil Wayne

Here at Contactmusic we’re often only waiting for one thing to pop in our news days: some Lil Wayne quotes. Lil Wayne is without doubt one of the most successful hip-hop stars in the game, with three number one US albums and four more top fives to his name. But he’s also one of its biggest oddballs too; from analogies about skateboarding to describe life, to telling police interrogators where to go on video, Weezy is rarely short of a few words or two. Of course, the TMZ-revealed deponent video that came out in September 2012 arguably contains all of his greatest quotes in one short clip, but we also wanted to look around a little deeper, in order to come up with a handful of utterly unforgettable Lil Wayne quotes.

Lil WayneStep inside the mind of Lil Wayne...

"A lot of women don't know how to love because there's deep reasons for them not knowing how to love. And what I mean by deep reasons is deep and dark reasons.” – July 2011

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Will Rapper Lil' Wayne Apologise To Emmett Till Family For 'Karate Chop' Diss?

Lil Wayne La Reid

A seemingly unauthorized version of Lil’ Wayne’s remix of Future’s ‘Karate Chop’ was leaked online, containing an insulting reference to Emmett Till, a young African American shot dead in the Jim Crow south, back in 1955. Epic Records have issued a statement of apology and the label’s CEO, La Reid has personally contacted the Till Mobley Memorial Foundation (named after Emmett’s mother) to apologise for any offence caused by the leaked song. However, Lil’ Wayne himself has made no apology for the song which, according to E! Online, contains the line “beat up that pu**y like Emmett Till.”

A post on the Foundation’s Facebook page stated that they were satisfied with Reid’s response, revealing “Mr. Reid stated the song was leaked out and he had not heard the lyrics," read the post. "He is a man of integrity that values our family's legacy and wouldn't allow such heinous usage of Emmett Till's name or dishonor his memory. We have yet to hear from Lil Wayne's camp and he is the one that said it! It was all I could do to hold back my tears while engaged in conversation. Thank you Mr. Reid for now I can exhale."

A version of the song, with the line censored out, is still available to listen to on the Epic Records site and on Soundcloud. 

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Lil Wayne Must Have Been 'Baked' To Get This Tattoo

Lil Wayne

We’re pretty sure that Lil Wayne’s going to regret getting a tattoo with the word ‘Baked’ inscribed on his head. We also think that that’s the exact the state that the rapper was in when he decided to get it done. That’s right, one of the more bizarre tattoos we’ve seen in recent times now belongs to Weezy after he went and put up a picture of his new etching, written slap bang on the top right of his forehead.

In fairness to Lil Wayne, he does have a few tattoos on his face, but none are quite as prominent as this one. The rapper who – lest we ever forget – really loves his skateboarding, evidently decided to make his love explicit; ‘Baked’ has been done in the style of the logo of skateboarding company Baker Skateboards. Because he just loves skateboarding. So much. Don’t you ever forget it.

Just as well then that the movie that he’s rumored to be appearing in soon is an animation, and so his mug wouldn’t be making an appearance. Both Examiner and FilmDates are claiming that the star is to be one of the voice actors for new Pixar dinosaur movie The Good Dinosaur, though this is something that hasn’t been confirmed anywhere yet.

Lil Wayne Gets His Face 'Baked'

Lil Wayne

There's not much of his body that isn't used like the school book of a bored student but his face had been left largely clear. Increasingly though Lil Wayne is being forced to use his face as the canvas, which he has done with a new tattoo that saying 'BAKED' on his forehead.

'Baked' refers to the Baker skateboard brand. Skateboarding is a sport that Lil Weezy has expressed his love for recently, stating that Tha Carter V would be his last album and that he'd like to get into skateboarding as a business, telling MTV at the time "Rap is a taking backseat to skating." 

On his face he also has tears tattooed, as well as words across his eyelids that say 'Fear' and 'God' in cursive, plus 'I AM MUSIC' above one of his eyebrows. His torso is also littered with calligraphy, including the words 'Life's a gamble', 'Cash Money' and 'M.O.B'. Plus, on his back he has the lyrics of his track 'Let Us Pray', it reads: "Give me the patience that I need to keep my peace of mind, and with life's cares, I hope dear God, some happiness to find, let me live but for today, not worrying what's ahead, for I have trust that you will see I get my daily bread, give me the courage to face life's trials and not from troubles run, and let me keep this thought in mind 'Thy will, not mine, be done.'"

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Heaven Is A Half-Pipe For Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has plenty of plans beyond rapping – and most of them involve going skateboarding.

Weezy has been talking to MTV about what he can see himself doing once he’s out of the music game – something he can see happening sooner rather than later – and mooted: “My day job would probably be a sports analyst and I would skate all night instead of being in the studio all night.” With typical Lil Wayne braggadocio though, he doesn’t just want to skate for fun – he wants to make an impact; saying that he “wants to be vital in the [skate] world”.

The skate fraternity is quite tight knit however, and there’s been some hate towards the MC’s plans, though he insisted that he’s more than adept at handling it: “I never been sonned or nothing like that because I did the eight months on the island, so you know sonning me is going to be a little difficult,” he laughed, referencing his time in jail on Rikers Island.

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Lil Wayne Retirement Will Come After Tha Carter V

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne and his potential retirement has been in the news for some time already, and now more than ever it looks as though the multi-platinum rapper is really ready to leave music behind and focus on pastures new when he gave an interview to MTV News earlier this week saying that he plans on retiring from music once he drops Tha Carter V.

The rapper is planning to release his new album I Am Not a Human Being II in February (13), but the album following that could well be his last. The rapper instead wants to work on some of his other projects, particularly his newfound love of skateboarding and his clothing line Trukfit and lets not forget that he's also head of one of rap's biggest labels, Young Money Cash Money. So we can see why retirement would seem like an option.

Of course, Weezy wouldn't be the first rapper to announce their retirement a little prematurely as such veteran rhyme-smiths as Too Short and Jay-Z have both announced their 'retirements' in the past and only stuck with it for a few days at most. Whether Wayne proves to be the exception and stays away from music for good will have to be seen, as only time will tell.

Is Lil Wayne Retiring? Or Is This A Jay-Z Type Of Retirement?

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne retiring; that's not something we expected to hear, especially considering the prolific rapper is a mere 30 years of age - a veritable baby in the world of music - but it's been said by the man himself, he'll retire after Tha Carter V.

Talking to MTV about carrying on in the game, and maybe renaming his upcoming title to 'fit the mood', Weezy explained, "Because I know y'all want me around for a little bit, and Carter V is my last album," before he went on to explain why he's hanging up his chains after Tha Carter V. "Man, I've been rappin' since I was 8 years old. I'm 30 now, man. That's a long time, man," said Wayne, "I signed my contract at 11, I went platinum at 14. I'm 30 now. Thank God I haven't put out an album that hasn't went platinum," he said. "To just keep it goin' like that, I think not only am I being greedy, I'm fooling myself to think that it will continue to be that great."

So will Lil Wayne attempt to fade into a life of sports punditry and skating? Well that's what he reckons, but perhaps the lure of making even more money will pull him back into making records. Jay-Z has had plenty of 'last albums', as he continually re-invents himself, often with his equally talented wife, Beyonce. 

Lil Wayne Wants To Swap Rap For Sports In Retirement Plans

Lil Wayne

Perhaps being on seizure medication has made Lil Wayne think a little bit about slowing down and changing his lifestyle. Speaking to MTV's Sway Calloway, Weezy revealed he has plans of retiring after the release of his final album, Tha Carter V. 

It really does feel as though Lil Wayne has been around forever, but he's still only 30 so these plans to retire come as something of a shock to fans. To be fair to him, he was signed at the age of just 11 to Cash Money Records, and since then has released ten studio albums, 11 mixtapes and appeared on countless records in collaboration with other artists. He's had a good run. 

"Man, I've been rappin' since I was 8 years old. I'm 30 now, man. That's a long time, man." he told Calloway. "I signed my contract at 11, I went platinum at 14. I'm 30 now. Thank God I haven't put out an album that hasn't went platinum. To just keep it goin' like that, I think not only am I being greedy, I'm fooling myself to think that it will continue to be that great." 

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Lil Wayne Lied About Migraine And Is Taking Seizure Medication

Lil Wayne

Last month, during a flight, Lil Wayne had to have an emergency landing due to what he and his PR team said was a severe migraine and dehydration, despite staff saying that he was suffering from 'seizure like symptoms'. Because of his illhealth at the time he even missed a day in court. However, he has now revealed that he's taking medication for seizures, reports MTV.

During an interview with Sway Calloway on MTV, Weezy explained that the medication was affecting him. "Please let them know that I have an air unit, but because of the sound, they don't want the air on, so it's super hot in here. I don't want y'all to think I'm on nothing, man." He said, "I'm on seizure medicine, man, that's all." In addition to this medication, the other treatment the doctors advised was water. "They said I gotta drink four water bottles a day, that's what the doctors say," Wayne said, shocked. "I just came from the doctor. I ain't drinking four water bottles, but everything's good." 

Wayne has spent today (Thanksgiving) with his mother, and though he's not a big eater he always makes sure he has the full celebratory meal with his mum. It was also his mother's house that he went to for a bit of R&R after his health ordeal last month. It's not just his mum who's keeping an eye on him. "Everybody that's around him is taking care of him," Nicki Minaj said. "Wayne has so many people around him that truly, genuinely love him. I'm not worried at all. Even him being on the plane, thank God that there was somebody there right away that was able to help him. I'm just thankful that he was OK." 

Lil Wayne Not A 'Food Dude' But Can't Resist His Mothers Thanksgiving Meal

Lil Wayne

For many, Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to dive into a huge meal guilt free; it's one of the best things about the holiday, that and the Thanksgiving Day Parade, but for Lil Wayne, it'll just be a small portion of turkey, thank you very much.

"Honestly, I'm not a big food Dude," Lil Wayne told Sway Calloway during his MTV First interview. "I don't eat a lot. I'm one of them people that my momma always said must just have a small stomach. I get full quick and I'm really full. I don't need to eat no more that day and nothing like that. But I'm like everybody else, I enjoy Thanksgiving. But what I meant by that is, I don't have a favorite 'such and such food' and or nothing like that. I just always eat my Mom's Thanksgiving meals. Every year. You know Mom's is a chef. She's a real chef." He might not indudge in helping after helping of Turkey, but he and his Cash Money Records colleagues certainly help others to do so, with their annual turkey giveaway truly embracing the holiday spirit. "I've heard so many crazy numbers that I don't know which true, but I know that they give out a lot of turkeys, a lot of turkeys," Weezy said. "And as far as how many... they've given so many cuz they've been doing it for years. And it's a great thing. People look forward to it and it's there for 'em every year. And it's almost like they never run out. Everybody leave satisfied."

It's not just the food that brings everyone together, and Lil Wayne looks forward to trekking back to New Orleans from whatever part of the globe he's in to reconnect with friends and family. And that's what it's all about. 

Lil Wayne Debuts Fear And Loathing Tribute 'No Worries' Video

Lil Wayne Hunter S Thompson Terry Gilliam

Lil Wayne debuted the video for 'No Worries' this week, featuring a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas style narrative that sees Weezy and his producer pal Detail taking a surreal trip through Sin City, mirroring the famous journey taken by Raoul Duke and Dr Gonzo.

However, whereas Hunter S Thompson's depicted the darkest depths of the American Dream, Lil Wayne just has plenty of fun. Which is fine. "That was my main thing," Wayne told MTV News following the premiere on MTV First, "I told all my friends, I told everybody 'We don't have no script, this video [we] don't have a time to be there, we're just going to shoot and have fun,' and that's what we did." The rapper says he hopes fans of Thompson's classic gonzo novel will appreciate his tribute (we're not sure Terry Gilliam will), saying, "Well, we did [the] 'Lollipop' [video] in Vegas, and we did that for the simple reason where I think at that time I had never shot a video in Vegas.We did this video in Vegas because the treatment played off the movie 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.' We didn't really follow any script or anything; I just saw the movie, really enjoyed the movie, and I told [director] Colin [Tilley] I was interested in the movie and he wrote a spoof to it, and we shot it."

Watch Lil Wayne's video for No Worries below. Are you feeling Weezy's Hunter S Thompson homage?

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Lil Wayne Is A Loser! Ordered To Pay $2.2m After Losing Court Case

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has lost his case against Quincy Jones III, and in a counter suit he'll be ordered to pay $2.195m, according to TMZ.

Rapper Lil Wayne sued Quincy earlier this year due to the use of unlicensed music for a documentary. However, as the case reached court over the past couple of weeks, without Weezy being able to make it to the proceedings due to 'seizure like symptoms' and 'migraines', the outcome is not good for the heavily tattooed star.

Because Lil Wayne couldn't make it to court his lawyer was forced to exhibit the musician's 'deposition', which is simply a video tape of him answering questions that are pertinent to the case. Or, rather, that's what's supposed to happen. The video sees him not answering questions and generally ridiculing the whole proceeding. Tut. The law is serious! Anyway, Quincy's counter suit argues that Wayne's original lawsuit have meant the documentary was pushed right back and has disrupted release plans which have consequently been detrimental to profits. True. 

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Lil Wayne Loses $2.2 Million In Court Case To Quincy Jones III

Lil Wayne

Talk about doing court wrong. Lil Wayne thought he had a pretty strong case when he took Quincy Jones III to the law system over a documentary made about him in 2009 which portrayed the Young Money boss in what he believed to be a misrepresentative light.

Well, Wayne didn’t do himself much favor by mocking officials questions and mocking proceedings in the disposition he recorded. He didn’t turn up to the court hearing either, after suffering seizure-like effects on a flight. Thus, TMZ are reporting that the rapper not only lost the case, but he also lost the countersuit that Jones III had thrown back at him. What does that mean? He’s coughing up a hefty payment to the tune of $2.2 million.

In fairness to Weezy, there was precious little he could do about the incident on his private planed that forced the craft to emergency land so that he could receive treatment. But his actions in his recorded disposition? Well, he was never going to be taken seriously after that surely. You can judge for yourself below, but for us it seems like Lil Wayne has just become LOL Wayne.

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Judge Is Not Happy With Lil Wayne's 'Hilarious' Deposition Tape

Lil Wayne

It's just one bad thing after another for some of us, and it seems the bad side of karma has hit Lil Wayne this week. Firstly his private jet had to make an emergency landing after suffering 'seizure like symptoms' - which forced him to miss a scheduled court date, and now due to his ill-health and subsequent tardiness, the judge has curtly reprimanded him for his deposition video, which he had to make, being unable to attend court.

For those of you that don't know, a deposition is testimony made outside the court room. According to MTV the video of Lil Wayne's deposition was deemed 'irresponsible' by the judge, but 'hilarious' by fans. In the video Wayne is seen telling his lawyer "that's a stupid a** question" and generally being derisive and sarcastic. The judge considered this "unreasonable conduct in the deposition" and "irresponsible behavior." 

Lil Wayne is suing Quincy Jones III for a documentary named The Carter which was about the heavily tattooed MC's life. Wayne considered the representation of him as 'scandalous', and also objected to the use of his music being used in it, arguing that it was unauthorized. The video of his deposition was on YouTube but has since been removed. Despite the seizure-like symptoms, Lil Wayne's reps reported that he was simply suffering with dehydration and severe migraines. His newest album called I Am Not A Human Being II will be released this November (2012). 

Get Well Soon Lil' Wayne! Fans Tweet Their Support To Rapper

Lil Wayne

After terrifying friends, family and fans alike with reports of suffering seizures while flying from Texas to Las Vegas, Lil' Wayne has assured everyone that he's a-okay, tweeting "Thanx for all the Prayers! I am good". 

His fans are continuing to send their love, support and prayers for the Rebirth rapper's swift recovery. Tweets from fans were wide ranging. One follower said "hope you feel better brother make a quick recovery". Another of his followers was a little more cryptic in his message to him "steady on that lean - easy on them bars". And another fan's admiration was clear: "I think I would definitely stop listening to music if something serious happened to u and I mean that!! #YMCMB".

At least his fans now know that he's a-okay, and hopefully his health is on the up. Plus, TMZ report that he's being well cared for by his Mum at her home in Louisiana, having been told that he shouldn't fly for the next few days. And we all know that TLC is often the best treatment. Wayne is currently mid-court proceedings as he has sued Quincy Jones III for a documentary made about him. His seizures have meant that he's been forced to miss a court date. The court will find out on Monday about his condition and when he'll be able to testify. For now we advise plenty of family time, home comforts and a load of R&R. All the best from ContactMusic!

Lil Wayne's Medical Emergency

Lil Wayne

Despite Lil Wayne's two albums proclaiming "I Am Not A Human Being" (part two to be released this December) he has unfortunately proven himself to be distinctly mortal after reportedly suffered two seizures within 24 hours. 

While flying on his private jet from Texas to LAX, the flight was forced make a diversion and make an emergency landing in Louisiana, according to TMZ. Within just ten minutes of landing he was treated by paramedics and rushed to a nearby medical centre. The pilot initially reported that Lil Wayne was suffering with 'seizure like symptoms' but the rapper's rep later attempted to quash those rumours, stating that he was simply suffering from dehydration and a migraine. "He is at home on doctor mandated rest" he said.  "[He] will return to work soon. He appreciates all of his fans for their support and love." 

However, in distinct contrast to the rep's statement, there were later reports of a second seizure while in hospital. TMZ also report further contradicting statements from sources close to Lil Wayne who confirm him to be at the hospital, in contrast to the rep's claims who said he had been released hours earlier. Both reports, however, confirm that whether Lil Wayne suffered seizures or just a severe migraine he is now recovering at home. For his own sake we at ContactMusic hope the Rebirth rapper to make a full recovery asap, and we look forward to his upcoming album I Am Not A Human Being II set for release on December 11th 2012.

Private Jet Makes Emergency Landing As Lil' Wayne Suffers 'Seizure-Like' Symptoms

Lil Wayne

A plane carrying rapper Lil’ Wayne was forced to make an emergency landing yesterday (Thursday October 15, 2012) when he suffered “seizure-like symptoms,” TMZ reports.

The private jet landed in Texas, when Lil’ Wayne (real name Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr) was transported to a local hospital for treatment. According to TMZ, he remained at the hospital for several hours before checking out at around 6pm. It’s unclear at this stage what the cause of the seizure was, or whether an exact diagnosis was given. TMZ have been told however, that Weezy is “doing better.”

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Birdman Buys Mansion For $14.5 Million

Birdman Scott Storch Nicki Minaj Lil Wayne Drake

Rapper and record label exec. Birdman buys mansion for a cool $14.5m! The co-founder of Cash Money Records - home to Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Drake – bought the Miami Beach pad, which used to belong to Scott Storch.

So, who said the American property market was in turmoil? Birdman seems to be well and truly above the current austerity crisis, securing his place high up on the property ladder with a luxury $14.5m mansion on Miami beach. 70 Palm Avenue was owned by Roots keyboardist Storch, who used it as a “drugs den” (his words, not ours!). The 9-bedroom, 17-bathroom multiplex house was the location for a $30m splurge on drugs and boats for the musician, TMZ reported, and he is now said to be in a state of regret over his more decadent days after he lost the house to foreclosure in 2010. The stunning palace also boasts a below ground swimming pool as well as an outdoor pool which comes complete with a bungalow. An in-house massage room, theatre and waterfront of 100 feet and a private dock are all luxurious features present within the Money To Blow performer's new dwelling. Ridiculous.

The last owner, RockStar energy drink inventor Russel Weiner, made a huge profit on the place, after he purchased it following Storch’s tenancy for a thrifty $7m.

Lil Wayne

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