Were you fretting over what to get Lil’ Kim for her baby shower on Sunday? Well someone must have been, because Kim’s assistant decided to tweet out a list of places where the rapper was registered, for gift buying fans. Tacky? Some thought so, while others just seemed happy for the heads-up.

Lil KimLIL' KIM, accepting gifts, but check the list first

Kim’s assistant, who goes by the name Noel Noel on Twitter, posted a photo of the list, writing that Kim was registered under the name Kimberley Jones and that fans should make sure “they check off your gift from the registry after purchase.” He also included an address where the gifts could be mailed to, because it seems buying a gift does not guarantee entry to the shower. Kim later retweeted the post to her 1.19million followers while also expressing her excitement over the upcoming shower.

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According to the list Kim was registered at Tiffany's, Petit Tresor, Bel Bambini, Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us. But what did the Queen Bee of rap have on her list? Well the items ranged from more the high end pricey goods such as a $575 sterling silver baby cup from Tiffany & Co to the budget friendly $9.99 Snow White bib and booties set from Buy Buy Baby.

Fans gave a mixed reaction to the move with some calling it tacky, cheap and trashy while others seemed happy to know exactly what Kim wanted. However her assistant responded angrily to one Instagram user who speculated that the rapper must be struggling if she needed fans to buy her gifts. He wrote, “no dumbass. Her fans have been asking since she announced she was pregnant where they can send gifts so Of course we love them and made a Po box and included them.”

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Kim’s ‘royal shower’ took place on Sunday at New York’s Broad Street Ballroom and was a predictably lavish and attention grabbing affair. Trumpeters announced the arrival of guests on the pink and blue carpet, but when Kim herself appeared with boyfriend Mr Papers, they gave photogs an eyeful with their graphic kissing. RadarOnline also reported that the couple kept guests waiting for four hours, but a source did say that when the couple finally arrived, “everyone had a blast. It was a good vibe, great people, and Kim looked so happy.”

Lil kimLil' Kim being tacky? Unbeleivable

Was it a tacky move for Kim to share her registry list? A little, perhaps, but she wasn't actually asking fans to buy her anything. If some do want to send her gifts, then they might as well buy her what she wants. Either way we doubt Kim’s going to be too worried about public opinion, after al,l this is the woman who refers to herself as the Queen Bee. Now, as for the tackiness of the 'royal' themed baby shower? Well that’s a whole other matter.