Not like anybody is keeping score at home, but the feud between Nicki Minaj and Lil' Kim just picked up some steam again. Another war of the words, female rap mogul LIL' KIM is taking shots yet again at Minaj, but this time its gone too far. Lil' Kim didn't say anything out of the usual - it's just at the point now where it's past embarrassing, and somebody needs to tell the woman to stop.

Lil Kim VMAsLil' Kim is adding fuel to the fire yet again

Before this recent spat, what was the current status of the feud, and what was the reason for it in the first place? Ever since Minaj hit the music scene, she was subject to comparisons to other female rappers before her, but it wasn't until the 2008 mixtape, Sucka Free, that Lil' Kim started to take notice. "If you are going to steal my swag, you gonna have to pay," Lil' Kim said in regards to Minaj's early rise to success. Very intimidating. Minaj's alleged response to Kim's "copying" allegations was in her song 'Roman's Revenge' - a track off her wildly success debut, Pink Friday. Eventually, Lil' Kim fired back with more than just words - she put her disses out in the form of a mixtape in 2011 entitled Black Friday, which allegedly sold 113,000 copies in the span of a day on PayPal. Kim said that these sales made her the number one seller on the website, a claim which PayPal then denied because they don't keep track of sales. Cringeworthy.

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When Minaj released her second album in 2012, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, the track 'Stupid Hoe' was rumored to be about Kim, and Kim went on record saying that one of the songs, 'Automatic,' sounded similar to some of her unreleased material. For a while, that was pretty much it. Both sides were quiet until this week, when Beyonce released a remix for 'Flawless' that featured Minaj. On her verse, she proclaims herself as the queen of rap, so obviously Lil' Kim must chime in and set the record straight. Barely a day later, Kim dropped a diss track to the remix, and then a day after that released yet another diss. The most recent one, titled 'Identity Theft,' has lines like "I gave birth to your style" and "Anything you trying to do, I done did it."

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