The hip-hop star, real name Torrence Hatch, had been booked to perform at Whiskey River in MACon on Friday night (03Jul15) to help fans kick off America's Independence Day weekend (04-05Jul15) celebrations, but when it became clear Boosie was not going to hit the stage, attendees started demanding refunds.

Organisers at MBP Promotions denied their request, prompting fights to break out in the crowd as angry revellers began destroying property.

Officers from the Bibb County Sheriff's Department responded to the disturbance, while paramedics also arrived on the scene and treated three people for minor injuries, according to

Boosie, who was released from a Louisiana prison last year (14) after serving five years for drug possession and gun charges, has since explained his no-show in a video posted on his page, revealing he was banned from performing at the club at late notice by his parole officer.

In the video, he said, "My PO (parole officer) just tripped out on me, saying I can't do clubs."

He then urged fans to appeal to Louisiana prison authorities in a bid to convince them to allow him to perform at clubs across the U.S., adding, "So I'm going to need all my fans to reach out to the Louisiana Parole Board and charge 'em, charge the parole board to let me travel to do my clubs because that's how I feed my family...

"I'm sorry I can't make it to MACon. We are going to redo this in MACon somewhere else."

It's not the first time Boosie has had to pull out of a performance due to his parole restrictions - a month after his March, 2014 release, he had to axe a show in Mississippi.

Boosie will remain on parole until 2018.