Review of Galaxy of the Lost Single by Lightspeed Champion

Lightspeed Champion
Galaxy of the Lost
Single Review

Lightspeed Champion Galaxy of the Lost Single

Lightspeed Champion is the pseudonym of Devonte Hynes, who is probably better known for his stint in short-lived noiseniks Test Icicles.

Galaxy of the Lost will come as something of a shock to devotees who might have expected more of the thrashy genre-hopping style of his previous band; it is actually a pleasant country-tinged strum.

The announcement that Dev and his ensemble are to tour with Bright Eyes comes as no surprise now, because this track suggests something of a musical kinship; with the slide guitars and violin whinnying along to a stately piano, it could fit onto any of Oberst's records. The female vocals contrast Hynes' dark croon winningly as well. An unexpected triumph.

Ben Davis

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