Being around for over 15 years, it's no wonder that Lifehouse have gone through a number of different musical styles over the years. Their latest album, 'Out of the Wasteland', is considered by the band to be "a collage of everything". When Contact Music recently sat down with Jason Wade, the lead vocalist and songwriter for Lifehouse, he explained how they constructed the album out of their previous musical styles.

Jason Wade, Bryce Soderberg and Rick Woolstenhulme, Jr. of LifehouseJason Wade, Bryce Soderberg and Rick Woolstenhulme, Jr. of Lifehouse

According to Wade, over the course of their writing period, he created around seventy songs. Of those songs, he revealed that they took cues from a number of different styles which Lifehouse had dabbled in over the years. "We decided that instead of just picking one theme musically, we'd just take the best songs and it really became a confluence of so many different sounds coming together" he explained. He continued to decide that it added an extra dimension to the album as a whole, fleshing out the layers of it. 

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When asked if he would consider rewriting any of the band's previous work, now that he'd grown as a songwriter, he was unsure. It wasn't a case of him finding his previous work perfect - more that his perfectionist mind prevents him from listening to his previous work. "When I go back and listen - even to our first record which was really successful - there are so many things I would do differently," he explained. He did admit, however, that some of the imperfections in the music came from it's raw and fresh nature, which similarly contributed to it's honesty and success. 

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As he continued to speak to us, he explained that in order to achieve the same mind-set as when they started out, they had to forget a lot of what they had learned over the past few years, going from the thoughts about 'who would like the music?' and 'how well it would sell?', and "back to the simplicity of a good song."

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