Review of Smoke And Mirrors Album by Lifehouse

Falling very much into the category of one hit wonder (2001's debut single 'Hanging By A Moment') on UK shores, Lifehouse have maintained a higher profile in other markets and now release their fifth album. A handful of recent European shows have been succeeded by a current tour of North America with reality TV rockers Daughtry.

Lifehouse Smoke And Mirrors Album

Few bands who get five albums into a career make revelatory changes to their sound and this is very much the case for Lifehouse, but for those unfamiliar with their work, think radio-friendly rock songs in the mould of Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox 20 and The Calling.

The opening number, 'All In', is the typical anthemic sound that has come to be expected and better yet are 'Halfway Gone' and 'Had Enough'. Themes of lost and surviving love are constant throughout, with Jason Wade's vocals containing the right amount of sentiment to empathise and not sounding forced. They allow the likes of 'It Is What It Is' and 'Falling In' to be sweet, melodic listens to balance the more upbeat offerings and the contrast works well. There are also a couple of songs that feature a more experimental sound, 'Here Tomorrow Gone Today' being a psychedelic disco amalgamation and 'Nerve Damage' a progressive monster, both of which are fairly decent.

The band knows what it does best though and this makes up the vast majority of a record which will please fans and marks Lifehouse's place as one of the most consistent acts amongst their contemporaries.

Alex Lai

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