Director Rupert Sanders had an affair with Kristen Stewart, his wife Liberty Ross found out and what followed were seemingly infinite months of media buzz, sorounding Ross, Sanders, Stewart, the affair and of course the end of her relationship with screen partner Robert Pattinson. That could have been it, except it seems like Ross herself isn’t finished with the affair, meaning that we may have to sit through two or three more months of gossip surrounding the whole thing. The newly single model has decided to open up about the entire experience, in the December issue of Vanity Fair of all places.

Liberty Ross, Lee Daniels' The Butler Premiere
Ross is moving on and away from a toxic relationship.

While the magazine has not hit newsstands yet, the Liberty Ross article, along with a gallery of the model can be seen up on the Vanity website. Ultimately, that rebirth also involved forgiving Rupert Sanders for the transgression and now, Liberty Ross is focusing on herself, or so she claims in the interview. A cheating scandal can never go without a lot of drama, but Ross’ account makes it sound almost deadly. In the article, she recalls the "Snow White and the Huntsman" job, during which the affair began, as the culmination of a dream for both herself and Sanders. As she shares during the interview, "it was all we’d come here for, and we’d done it. We were driving around town and seeing these billboards of his movie. We were so excited, like, ‘Wow, how did we do that?’ I was so proud of him, what he’d done—what we’d done. We were a team, and the movie was made out of love."

Unfortunately for everyone, things turned sour soon after.

“I have no words to describe what we went through,” Ross says. “But I think, for me, something always has to completely die for there to be a rebirth. And, for me, I feel like I’m going through a rebirth.”

Liberty Ross, Cannes Film Festival
Ross sees her marriage and breakup with Sanders as the catalist for a rebirth.