Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders are at least speaking to each other now - which is more than can be said for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson who remain firmly apart. The model and her director husband were seen this week outside Judi's Deli on Bedford Drive in Los Angeles, though there are conflicting details concerning the meeting.
Though some reports suggest the couple sat down for a chat at the deli, though say they were actually meeting at a nearby office building, which sounds far more formal. We already know that Liberty has removed her wedding ring, though a source told E! Online "Liberty and Rupert have not decided if they are going to stay together or not.It's too early to say what they're going to do. They have a lot of stuff to sort out. No decisions have been made". As for the other couple involved in the cheating scandal, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have managed to remain almost entirely out of the public eye in recent weeks. Stewart was reportedly seen working out with a trainer at Gold's Gym in Venice, California, last week, though the whereabouts of the British actor are currently unknown (though one Twitter user claimed he was drinking in California last week).
Pattinson is yet to publically comment on the affair, though he is scheduled to appear on Good Morning America next Wednesday (August 25, 2012) to promote his new movie 'Cosmpolis'.