Review of Drum's Not Dead Album by Liars

Drum's Not Dead
Album Review

Liars Drum's Not Dead Album

An album that comes with a DVD containing 3 film versions of the album by different directors - essentially three separate videos of each of the 12 songs on the album! So, this is a creative-led art band. The album follows two fictional characters, Drum and Mount Heart Attack - the spirit of creative confidence and the embodiment of stress and self-doubt - through what is undoubtledly a 'concept' album. It is inventive, as if Nick Cave fronted Kraftwerk during a prog rock whim, brooding, intense, propulsive, yet the band are capable of Snow Patrol-like beauty and melody, as on the last track The Other Side of Mt Heart Attack. Is it for you? That depends on how much time you're willing to invest - it needs to be listened to in its entirety, and takes some concentration - as with any art piece, but there is a real reward at the end. Plus, you'll not be short of music videos...


Mike Rea
Adult Contemporary Essentials

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