Lianne La Havas says it was ''surreal'' when Prince took over her flat.

The 'Lost and Found' singer became pals with the 'Purple Rain' megastar after he spotted her perform in the US and invited her back to his pad for a jam, but Lianne soon returned the favour when the star descended on her London home to hold a press conference.

Lianne recalled: ''On the day it happened, this guy came round at about eight in the morning to scout the place out. It was all, 'Right, this can be his dressing room, and we can leave our stuff here.' I had a meeting that day in west London, and by the time I got back, all the furniture had been moved.''

But when the talented 25-year-old went to warn her unsuspecting neighbours that pop royalty was on the way, they gave her a surprising response.

Lianne told the Sunday Times Culture magazine: ''I went to tell my neighbours that Prince was coming to my house, and one of them, this lovely man, went, 'Who's that then?' I had to show him a photograph.

''As soon as Prince arrived, everything was fine. Everyone is terrified of him. In the dining room they had a sofa and a sound desk and a stage. He walked in after having a cup of tea and started taking questions. I was standing there thinking, 'Okaay.'''