Lianne La Havas spent her first paycheck on vintage clothes.

The 23-year-old singer - who shot to fame with the help of her close pal Paloma Faith - admits her first big cash reward from her music went on a brand new retro wardrobe from her favourite London shop.

Quizzed about her first big splurge, Lianne said: ''I went to Beyond Retro, which is my favourite vintage shop, and spent £200. It felt very outrageous, but I got so much use out of everything because I used it all on tour.''

The soul star underwent a radical lifestyle overhaul last year after suffering a bad kidney infection, cutting out alcohol, cigarettes and coffee as a result, and while she has caved on some of her habits, she still strives to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Lianne explained to LOOK magazine: ''I do drink now. You can have a good time and still have moderation. I'll have a burger, but I balance it out. I enjoy putting good things in my body as well as the naughty things!

''I lost loads of weight initially but I've recently started to see a personal trainer, which is cool. And I feel great! I like being pushed and I love the feeling you get after working out.''