Soul star Lianne La Havas is eyeing a collaboration with Prince after striking up a close friendship with the music icon.

The British singer's talents caught the attention of the Purple Rain hitmaker last year (12) and he invited La Havas to visit him in his native Minneapolis, Minnesota, where they have since enjoyed a couple of jam sessions together.

The casual collaborations were never recorded, but the Lost & Found star hopes they will one day be able to hit the studio together for an official project.

She tells Wenn, "(I met him) about a year ago... We'd spoken to each other on the phone, then he invited me to hang out for a bit... I don't see him very often, but we speak...

"We didn't record anything (during the jam sessions) because we'd just met and I think we need to build up trust because we didn't meet up for the purposes of recording per se, we just met to get to know each other and just to see what we were each about, but I'd love to work with him in the future. He's got a fantastic studio; he's got all the musical contacts you could ever think or dream of so I'd love to (collaborate with him)."

La Havas reunited with Prince last month (Mar13) when her North American tour touched down in Minneapolis and she insists their rare nights out together are surprisingly normal: "I've only ever had two nights out with him really, but he likes to do what everyone likes to do really. He just likes to talk to friends and make jokes, and play music to each other and have a general, all round good time."