They’ve only been on hiatus for a few months, but it appears Simon Cowell is already having trouble remembering the names of all the One Direction boys. Speaking at an ‘America's Got Talent’ press conference, Cowell failed to mention member Liam Payne while he was praising the loyalty of the boyband.

Liam PayneHas Simon Cowell forgotten about Liam Payne already?

When asked about the band Cowell said: "We're in touch with them. The great thing about all these boys - well not all of them but most of them - they are incredibly loyal and you don't always expect that. Niall, Harry, Louis - amazing.”

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Cowell's forgetfulness might be because last week Payne revealed he had signed a solo deal with Capitol Records, part of the Universal label. Cowell’s record company, Syco, is part of rival label Sony. Announcing the deal Payne said: "I'm really happy to have signed to such a prestigious label as Capitol Records UK.

“Capitol Records has an amazing history stretching right back before even Frank Sinatra and I'm really looking forward to becoming part of their story.” Harry Styles is also rumoured to have signed a solo deal, with Columbia records, which is owned by Sony. 

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At the press conference Cowell also spoke about Louis Tomlinson, who was joining him as a guest judge on the ‘America's Got Talent’ panel. "Louis is great," Cowell said. "It was so funny and so, kind of odd, because he had auditioned for me five years ago and now he's sitting where I'm sitting, judging other people and doing it well. I was really happy for him. He loved doing it."