Liam Payne has gone totally cringe in promoting his new music, telling the world that enjoys sex so much that he just has to write songs about it.

Speaking to presenter Gaz Drinkwater on Total Access, in an interview that’s all over the internet already despite not having been broadcast yet, the 24 year old One Direction star revealed some details of his newly announced EP, First Time, out on August 26th. He said he’s so “into” sex that he’s made it the core theme of the new material.

“I like sex… So what better way than to musically express myself as a young man growing up,” Payne said. “I’m into it. I like it. It’s good.”

TMI, mate.

Liam PayneLiam Payne has overshared

It comes a few months after he revealed his split from girlfriend Cheryl, whom he had dated for over two years and with whom he has a one year old son named Bear. That break-up, and his new single life, has made its way into the new material, but Payne revealed that he’s still sitting on his debut album because some of the songs are a bit too close to home.

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“I have enough songs for it and was ready to put it out, [but] I kind of feel like some of the songs I'm not ready to put out right now with the way I'm feeling. To be honest with you, life’s took a little bit of a different turn as of late, so I’m kind of going with that turn and being honest with my feelings and stuff.”

Earlier the same week, Payne was spotted filming a music video in New York City’s Central Park with Jonas Blue and Lennon Stella. He was seen dancing and singing with the other two stars on set, suggesting that they’ll be working together on new music.

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