Liam Neeson is convinced his Kingdom of Heaven co-star Orlando Bloom is legendary movie swashbuckler Errol Flynn reincarnated, because the young actor looks great in tights.

Neeson insists many movie stars look awful in period costumes but Bloom can always pull it off.

He says, "I always think of Errol Flynn. He looked uncomfortable in a suit but put him in a ridiculous pair of tights, and he looked to the manor born.

"John Wayne playing GENGHIS KHAN was quite the other thing. Clint Eastwood in a kilt would look ludicrous. I don't know what it is. Orlando simply looks the part.

"If I were (movie mogul) Jack Warner, I'd get a team of writers, get them writing period pieces, and sign him. Orlando is like a classic 40s star.

"Some actors are utterly lost if you put a sword in their hands. Orlando is all physical grace."