Liam Neeson is set to return yet again for another spell of breakneck action and a seemingly impossible manhunt in 'Taken 3'; a movie which he claims will be the biggest of the franchise yet as the tables turn on Bryan Mills.

Liam Neeson in 'Taken 3'
Liam Neeson returns in 'Taken 3'

We thought the Mills family had finally got their happy ending, with Bryan re-united with Lenore (Famke Janssen) and their daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) apparently over her sex-trafficking trauma of the first movie, moving on with her new boyfriend and heading to college. We thought wrong. Unfortunately for Bryan, he didn't kill enough people and now more overseas criminals are out to eradicate his loved ones, and frame him for murder along the way. On the run from the LAPD, the FBI and the CIA while attempting to hunt down the real killer, Mills is facing a bigger challenge than ever.

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'In terms of action and thrills this is by far the biggest 'Taken' yet', says star Liam Neeson. 'Whether it's the lightening quick convenience store fight sequence, the unbelievable stunts during the freeway chase or the relentless third act to name just a few. Once it starts it just doesn't let up.' And it seems the main reason for the next-level action is owing to the efficiency of the forces on his trail.

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'Franck Dotzler, played by Forest Whitaker, is the FBI agent leading the charge to stop and apprehend Bryan. It's quite possible in Dotzler Bryan may have finally met his match', Neeson confesses. It's more than likely that Mills will bring the real criminals to justice in the end, but that doesn't mean he won't face one or two tragedies along the way. 'Taken 3' is more nail-bitingly suspenseful and a hell of a lot more violent - but will it have the comfort of a happy ending this time around?

'Taken 3' hits US movie theaters on January 9th 2015.