Liam Neeson and his The Grey castmates dined on wolfmeat in the snowy wilderness of Alaska to get a sense of how desperate their characters were in the survival film.
Director Joe Carnahan insisted his cast and crew really got to grips with the harsh wilderness and he had frozen wolf shipped to the remote mountain set for a scene in which the characters were forced to eat what they killed.
He reveals, "I knew how bad it was gonna be and I knew what we were facing so we just all went through it together on the day. We all communally ate wolf and it wasn't appetising!
"It was one of those necessary things because I wanted them (actors) to have a sense of the movie we were making. We're gonna eat wolf and we're gonna go out in the tundra."
But the director is keen to point out he didn't have the wolf killed: "Some guy had him in his basement. I don't know if it was a trap line wolf but it was a wolf that had been up to a misdeed of some sort. They were preying on cattle. We had asked if there was one we could eat and sure enough this guy had one in his freezer for six months which probably didn't help the taste!
"The permafrost didn't help the layer underneath. Maybe we just had bad wolf, I don't know."
Neeson admits he wasn't a fan of the snack: "It tastes like chicken but really gamey!"