Liam Gallagher has found himself facing controversy of a type more serious than we've gotten used to from him recently. He's been accused of assaulting his girlfriend by a doorman at a London restaurant, though as of now he's denied all allegations put forward.

Liam Gallagher performing in ManchesterLiam Gallagher performing in Manchester

A 29-year-old bouncer named Max Ksiazek claims he was forced to confront the former Oasis frontman after witnessing him grabbing girlfriend Debbie Gwyther by the throat outside the exclusive hotel and restaurant, Chiltern Firehouse. According to him, they then had a conversation about the altercation.

'A member of staff said Liam was attacking her. As I got down the stairs he had basically grabbed her by the neck', he told The Sun. 'When I got to the corridor I shouted, 'Liam!' He released his hand from her and I escorted him through the courtyard. We had a conversation at the doors and he was basically saying it was her fault and that she was a witch - he was just constantly repeating that.'

There is security footage that appears to corroborate Max's story; indeed, the grainy shots appear to show Liam stretching his hand over Debbie's neck, and then talking to the bouncer. Since then, Max has lost his job at the establishment so that he could go public with the incident.

'I was genuinely worried about her safety', he said. 'She was in tears, she was shaking. The fact it happened in a public place, it makes you think about what is happening behind closed doors. It is sad and that is why I did it.'

Both Debbie and Liam have both insisted that there was any sort of violent altercation between them, with the former telling the Mirror that they were 'drunkenly messing around'. Liam took to Twitter to clear his name, explaining: 'Firstly I have never put my hands on any woman in a vicious manner. Secondly there is only one witch and we all know who that is.'

That hasn't stopped Max denying that there was any 'drunken joke'. He's convinced that there was a genuine argument and said that Liam 'acted like an animal', was 'full of aggression' and had 'no remorse'.

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Still, Debbie has told fans on Instagram that she is planning on taking 'legal action' towards The Sun in a bid to prove the falseness of the story.