Liam Gallagher has confirmed he's talked to John Squire about forming a supergroup.

The former Oasis frontman brought out the former Stone Roses guitarist for his pair of Knebworth shows back in June, to perform the Britpop group's 1995 classic 'Champagne Supernova'.

And afterward, he took to Twitter to tease potential future projects with the 59-year-old fellow Mancunian.

He teased at the time: “Super group incoming LG JS. (sic)"

And speaking to Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music 1 for the 'Home Sessions' series, the 'Diamond In The Dark' singer confirmed the pair are going to work together at "some point" and he's hoping to sing on some tunes for him.

He said: "Yeah. Serious, man. But we've got things to do first, and he's got things to clear up and that. But yeah, I'm definitely going to do summat at some point."

Matt asked: "So you've actually had the conversation a little bit?"

Liam - whose return to Knebworth Park in Hertfordshire came 26 years after Oasis famously played to a record-breaking 250,000 fans over two nights at the outdoor venue - replied: "Maybe, yeah. Probably did that at Knebworth and that, I think, if I can remember anything about it.

But, no. There's talk about summat. Maybe. But no rush. He's my man, I love him. So if he's got any tunes that need singing, I'm the boy, mate. (sic)"

A few years ago, Liam - who turned 50 today (21.09.22) - said his dream supergroup would include someone out of The Stone Roses and his close friend, Richard Ashcroft, formerly of The Verve.

In 2017, he said: “The ideal ones would be the guys out of The Stone Roses. I think they just split up, so that would be good.

“[Richard] Ashcroft would be good. There’s a lot of people out there, but the majority of them are all doing their own thing.

“But, if they want to do one, give us a shout. I’ll do it.”

Listen to the interview on Matt Wilkinson's show on Apple Music 1 today (21st Sep) 12-2pm BST. Listen here