Liam Gallagher insists he’s a "kind-hearted" person, despite his hardman reputation.

The 51-year-old frontman has had a 14-year feud his brother and former Oasis bandmate Noel, 56, caused by the guitarist's decision to quit the 'Supersonic' band in August 2009 in the wake of backstage bust-up at the Rock en Seine music festival near Paris, which ended when Liam allegedly tried to strike his sibling with a guitar.

But the 'Just Another Rainbow' singer insists he’s nothing like his reputation and in reality he just wants to get on with people and have fun.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Italy magazine, he said: "Listen, I’ve got many strings to my bow. But most of the time I’m a kind-hearted, sociable person. I'm very witty and I like that people feel at ease with me, I like to feel good with other people.”

But Liam insists he is prepared to dish out a "slap" if someone deserves it.

He added: “I can be a little aggressive sometimes. Like if someone behaves like an a**hole and wants a slap, I'll oblige."

Amongst Liam’s litany of troublemaking incidents are the time when he got thrown off a ferry going to Amsterdam in 1994 when he and his Oasis bandmates got into a fight with a group of West Ham football fans.

The rock ‘n’ roll star also had both of his front teeth knocked out when he got into a fight with a group of men in a Munich hotel, in Germany, in December 2002.

Liam prefers the quiet life these days at his £4 million Highgate mansion - which he shares with his fiancée Debbie Gwyther - and locals can see him enjoying rides on his bike and on walks with his pet pooch Buttons, a rescue dog from Thailand.

The musician also likes to chill out at his holiday home in the French Riviera – a property he purchased from British TV legend Noel Edmonds.

Liam said: “I try to ride my bike a bit. I walk the dog. When I'm healthy and I pay attention to it, I'm invincible. The problem is when I go a little off the rails and drink too much, smoke too much and get into a cycle that doesn't feel good.”