Liam Gallagher is set to join Tim Burgess' Twitter Listening Party on Friday (12.06.20) to mark the release of his 'MTV Unplugged' album.

The 47-year-old rock star recorded the album at Hull City Hall during the summer of 2019, and Liam will join the musician for the online event in order to celebrate its release.

Liam will also be joined during the event by his former Oasis bandmate Bonehead, as they discuss the album and answer questions from fans.

Teasing the event, Tim said: ''Ever since I first saw Liam perform, at In The City way back in 1992, I've always been a big fan. It's an honour to have Liam join us - the listening parties are a beautiful thing.''

Liam released his debut solo album, 'As You Were', in 2017, and he previously claimed the music industry is ''boring'' without him.

Speaking about his musical comeback, the former Oasis frontman said: ''It's boring without me, isn't it? On my game I will roast anyone. Anyone.

''Whether it's interviews, photoshoots, on record or on that f***ing stage. And there are a lot of people getting away with murder on that stage from my generation.

''There's a lot of singers out there who are one step away from a vicar. And very few who stare at you in the eyes. They've all got something to hide. They know they've done wrong.''

Liam also suggested modern-day musicians lack the edge of iconic bands of the past.

Speaking in 2016, he said: ''You ever get Chris Martin to look you in the eye? I'm sure he does put on a good gig, Chris Martin, the amount of money he gets paid.

''He looks like he's in the 'Tweenies', though. The whole band look beyond s**t. Have they not seen any photos of The Rolling Stones? Probably not.''