Apparently there's something else we can add on to the list of stuff Liam Gallagher isn't fond of along with most contemporary musicians, his brother and Manchester United; fish. At least, not when it finds itself on stage while he's performing...

Liam Gallagher performs at LatitudeLiam Gallagher performs at Latitude

The former Oasis frontman lost it during his performance at Benicassim on Sunday (July 22nd 2018) when he noticed that somebody had thrown seafood on to the stage during his set. Clutching a pair of maracas, he was about to kick off a rendition of 'Cigarettes & Alcohol' when he stopped the show in disgust.

'So which d***head threw the fish here then?' He growled at the audience. 'F***ing stinky, smelly fish, man. Now, listen right, it ain't that f***ing bad, right. Don't be throwing fish on stage, mate. I've seen a lot worse than this s***, alright?'

As the band seemed ready to continue with 'Cigarettes & Alcohol', he waved his arms and insisted he 'can't be singing while there's a fish there mate, that's rank'. The fish was promptly removed by a stage runner, and Liam soldiered on with the 1994 hit from 'Definitely Maybe'.

Of course, the internet flooded with fishy puns regarding the whole incident. Some remarked that his voice sounded 'way out of tuna', others quoted song lyrics thus: 'Don't look back in angler' and 'Wonderwalleye'. And then there's our favourite... 'He needs to work on his scales'.

Liam probably wasn't in an especially great mood anyway, having tried again in vain to get brother Noel Gallagher on board to reform Oasis. It was quite touching really - but it doesn't look like Noel showed any interest in his efforts.

'Earth to Noel listen up rkid I hear your doing gigs where people can't drink alcohol now', he wrote on Twitter. 'That's the BeZarist thing you've done yet I forgive you now let's get the BIG O back together and stop f***ing about the drinks are on me.'

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The most amusing thing about that was the comments thread, in which we see Man City and the Etihad Stadium's hilarious banter with Wembley. But that's another story altogether. The following day, Liam grumpily wrote: 'I'll take that as a NO then'.