If there's one thing you can say about Liam Gallagher, it's that he's not afraid to say exactly what's on his mind, even if he takes down a chat-show host in the process. As it turns out though, James Corden isn't the only celebrity the former Oasis star has got a problem with.

Liam Gallagher performing live in GlasgowLiam Gallagher performing live in Glasgow

In the past, the 44-year-old has denied he would go solo because he's 'not a c**t'. Unfortunately though, with an Oasis reunion not on the cards anytime soon, he has decided to bite the bullet and give it a go - but he still hates most solo musicians.

'The majority of solo stars are c**ts', he told Noisey. 'The ones that split bands up because they need their egos f**kin' stroked are the biggest c**ts.'

He thinks that there are far too many solo stars in the world and not enough bands, which means he'd get Oasis back in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. Even so, it's still a struggle for him to heap praise on frontman legends the likes of Mick Jagger, Dave Grohl and Bono.

'Fair play to ol' dinosaur hips, but I'm not that man', he told GQ in regards to Rolling Stones singer Mick. 'I'm anti-entertainment. Poor sod, he's got to dance until he's 108.'

He's also rather upset with the sort of dedication Foo Fighters' Dave shows to his fans. 'He ruined it for all of us', Liam said. 'He broke his leg and still toured. Who does that? Now if I have a 'cold' I can't cancel because I'll look like a wuss.'

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Bono got the real stinger, however. 'I had the Bono chat, yeah', he said of meeting the U2 star. 'Wish I'd had an out-of-body experience instead. Not in my top 50.'

Ouch! Though at least he didn't get the same attitude as 'The Late Late Show' host James Corden got when he called him a 'k**bhead'...