Liam Gallagher terrified Kasabian when he started play fighting with them during a helicopter flight.

The 'Eez-eh' hitmakers bonded with the rocker when they supported his band Oasis during their run of hometown gigs at Manchester's Heaton Park in 2009.

They got on so well that guitarist Serge Pizzorno and singer Tom Meighan were taken to Scotland for lunch in the helicopter with Liam but decided to be mischievousness.

Serge said: ''On the way back, Tom and Liam started play-fighting, rocking the thing, screaming. I'm sitting there going 'Maaaate!' This ain't like the back of a car, man, we're f***ing miles in the air. This rain starts coming down and the captain goes, 'Right, we've gotta land because the weather's terrible.' Liam's like, 'We're not landing, man, just drive through it!' - in the end we had to land. We had to emergency land in this airport.''

The stars then went back to their hotel and Serge and Tom were still starstruck after spending time with Liam.

Serge gushed to NME magazine: ''Liam's such an amazing dude. He's funny and proper looks after us. Those gigs were unbelievable.''