Liam Gallagher's solo album is ''sounding promising''.

The 44-year-old musician has admitted his debut solo LP, which is set to be unveiled in 2017, has revealed although there is ''disbelief'' surrounding his forthcoming music compilation because he has released music without his brother Noel, the tracks are ''delicious''.

Speaking to The Sunday Times newspaper about his forthcoming music, the dark-haired rocker said: ''I can only say it's sounding promising. There's disbelief, without a doubt. That spurs me on. It's like when people body-shame someone, and two minutes later they've got a six-pack.

''I'm not a media darling, so people go, 'He can't write songs.' And maybe I can't, but what I've got is good. It's a bit of everything. A few are a bit 'Working Class Hero', which suits my Rolls-Royce. And garage-rock psychedelia, in your face. There's a song I like called 'Over' -- acoustic, faraway voices. Cool. I think it will put a few people in their place.

''The main thing is, the voice is sounding delicious. It's still banging it. Then there's nice falsetto bits. Bit chilled.''

However, the 'Wonderwall' hitmaker has yet to confirm the official release date.

He explained: ''[It will] be out when it's out''.